New Feature: Stop Second Guessing Your Content with Experiments & A/B Testing

Victoria Burt

Picture this – you are a marketer looking to launch a new microsite that will drive new leads for your business, but you can’t decide which headline would resonate best with your target audience. On top of that, your designer has a couple different layout designs that they think would work well, but you’re having a hard time choosing which one to go to market with. 

As a seasoned marketer, you probably know that A/B testing is the way to solve this conundrum. Though you might already have a tool, it’s a pain to set up all the variants of pages in your current Content Management System (CMS) and work between two different systems. 

Not anymore!  Now you can make data-based decisions and optimize your webpages, all within dotCMS using the new Experiments & A/B Testing feature.

How does it work?

Create multiple variants of the same page with different wording, styling, CTA’s, and/or layout - all within your dotCMS page editing workflow.

Define what success means based on your performance goals, like minimizing bounce rate or maximizing the number of users landing on a certain page. 

Track the experiment’s progress via analytics and get an understanding of which version has a proven impact on your audience. 

Go to market with the most successful experiment and promote it to production with just a couple of clicks, right inside dotCMS.

Whether your site and content need to be optimized for performance or you’re going through a redesign, Experiments can help you take the guesswork out of your business-critical content using real-life user data. 

Check out our documentation to learn more, or reach out to your CSM to set up Experiments and start optimizing your pages! 

Victoria Burt
Director of Product Marketing
January 23, 2024

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