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How dotCMS 5.x Can Make 2020 Count for Your Brand

Mar 09, 2020
By: Stefan Schinkel

It’s 2020. Speakers are speaking back, cars are driving themselves, and Amazon is continuing to delight consumers worldwide with cutting-edge speed and customer experiences.

Now more than ever, your brand’s digital experience needs to step up.

One of the best ways to do that is by publishing content. Content that not only educates and entertains your audience—but content that allows you to establish your business as a leader in your industry.

Content is on the rise and consumers are not only expecting great content, but they are also expecting it on every conceivable channel. They want to experience the same high quality, no matter where they choose to interact with your brand.

To deliver what your customers want, you need the right technology to aid you. You need a content management system that acts as your brand’s support system.

Enter dotCMS 5.x.

Makes Marketers Faster

One of the issues which headless CMS platforms on the market today is that while they can be difficult for non-technical teams to use, a true headless CMS platform creates unity between marketers and developers. dotCMS provides this by making marketers faster.

With the Edit Mode Anywhere—a game-changer for the headless CMS space—marketers can enjoy the tools they used to use, in a headless CMS environment.

While many CMS vendors offer headless content management, you won’t find any empowering marketers like dotCMS. Imagine traditional WYSIWYG editing and drag-and-drop page building, except this time, it can be done on any device.

For instance, marketers can edit content within a Single-page Application (SPA) thanks to an undisrupted editor experience, regardless of where the content being used originates from. Non-technical users are supplied with WYSIWYG editing, layout, navigation, and multisite management, letting them take control of the user experience and fostering collaboration between marketing and the development team.

dotCMS gives your team access to intuitive authoring features — including inline editing, layout design, personalization, drag and drop, and more.

In this era of omnichannel experiences, marketers need flexibility and the ability to publish freely. With dotCMS, both static and dynamic content publishing are supported simultaneously. Marketers can schedule campaigns and use dotCMS’ TimeMachine feature to preview future or past experiences.

Marketers need to be able to publish content for global audiences and not just local ones. In this case, the speed and flexibility of a reliable CMS are of the utmost importance to prevent hiccups as content is distributed across different regions.

Empower Your Marketers

dotCMS 5.2 brought about Edit Mode Anywhere—a game-changer for the headless CMS space.

While many CMS vendors offer headless content management, you won’t find any empowering marketers like dotCMS. Imagine traditional WYSIWYG editing and drag-and-drop page building, except this time, it can be done on any device.

Suddenly, going headless isn’t such a headache for the marketers and business users on your team.

Strengthen Your Omnichannel Strategy

The IoT is driving much of what is happening in marketing today and what will continue to happen. This means that brands need to strengthen their omnichannel strategy to compete. Omnichannel is a cross-channel strategy geared towards improving user experience and customer relationships. Companies can interact and develop relationships with their customers by providing them with the same high-quality experience no matter which channel they choose.

Through dotCMS’s multi-channel approach, your brand can manage hundreds or even thousands of sites or channels from one centralized platform. Content can be shared across your ecosystem to reduce inconsistencies and create a consistent experience.

With APIs at its core, dotCMS’s Hybrid CMS gives you the power to build continuous and connected customer experiences, regardless of channel. Omnichannel doesn’t just include the channels we are actively using today, but the potential for new channels in the future. When your brand is ready to utilize AR or VR capabilities, then you will be adequately positioned to take advantage.

For an omnichannel strategy to be effective, it requires personalization. Your consumers don’t just want content across every channel; they want content that is tailored specifically to their needs.

Improve Process Workflows

Many of the problems when it comes to creating high-quality content at scale can be found in inefficient workflows. Without a capable CMS or digital experience platform, many companies can find themselves handicapped and unable to deal with things accurately. The key to an efficient workout lies in a technology that makes managing content easier.

With dotCMS, producing, managing, and delivering quality content that map to personalized experiences is made that much easier. From a drag-and-drop editor experience to secure workflows, multilingual, and multi-tenant capabilities, dotCMS gives you the enterprise content management features you want with the scalable and flexible capabilities you need to take your workflow from inefficient to effective.

Your workflows are only as capable as your infrastructure. It requires a high-performance CMS that produces great experiences for both internal teams and external customers without sacrificing speed and convenience.

Equip Your Developers

A hybrid CMS platform is meant to equip not only your marketing team but also your developers with the tools to make their lives easier. Thanks to the headless capabilities of dotCMS, combining a flexible backend with a robust frontend can be done to take your team to the next level.

Thanks to a robust API architecture, developers can take advantage of best-of-breed technologies and seamless integrations. With push publishing, developers can easily schedule and publish sites, content, and code between authoring and production environments as well as publish assets, files, or even entire sites to CDNs.

Another benefit of dotCMS for your development team is the Java capability. Developers can count on the flexible environments, extensibility and interoperability as well as fast deployments of Java, without the need for Java skills.

dotCMS: Supercharging Your Brand for 2020

If you want to dominate in 2020, then your brand is going to need help. The demands of customers when it comes to content are continuously evolving. However, content marketing is still an effective way to reach them. To compete, you need a content management system that works for not only you but your marketing team, development team and overall marketing strategy and workflows. dotCMS has the answers.

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