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dotCMS Releases dotCMS 5.3

May 26, 2020

By: Stefan Schinkel

dotCMS Releases dotCMS 5.3

dotCMS continues their product journey and is excited to deliver dotCMS 5.3 for general availability today.

Editor Experience

With this release, dotCMS has enhanced the editor experience by supporting visual browsing and drag & drop file uploading.

The new visual browsing offers an improved user experience when content editors browse and search for specific content in the dotCMS authoring UI. The entire experience is modernized and more intuitive.

In addition, uploading files into dotCMS has changed dramatically from a user experience perspective. Where the upload of multiple files previously required more clicks and steps, end-user can now simply select files from any location outside dotCMS and drag & drop them to upload them.

Native JAM support

Continuing our journey for headless dotCMS, version 5.3 brings native support for Next.js. This allows web development teams to build high-performing static web applications powered by dotCMS and still having an awesome editor experience with our SPA editor Edit Mode Anywhere. Obviously dotCMS offers maximum flexibility where both static and dynamic content can be delivered at the same time for the same page: “above the fold” is delivered statically and “below the fold” dynamically with server-side rendering. Building sites in Gatsby was already possible with dotCMS and this enhancement makes it easier for web development teams to support a variety of applications, based on individual requirements and frameworks.

Externalized ElasticSearch

In order to make the codebase of dotCMS leaner, and making upgrades in the core stack of dotCMS easier in the future, dotCMS 5.3 is now shipped without ElasticSearch. Instead, development teams can now leverage their own ElasticSearch cluster and distribution. In dotCMS 5.3, we decided to start using Amazon open distribution of Elasticsearch as it is more secure and reliable than the free version of ElasticSearch or other open-source products. Also, Amazon’s version comes with all the tools you need to manage your Elasticsearch.

We moved from embedded Elasticsearch to using a REST-enabled Elasticsearch, which means that dotCMS can now cache the result of those search queries, enabling better performance of the platform.

AWS Elasticsearch

There is more!

Besides these great new product capabilities, dotCMS 5.3.0. Also comes with a number of fixes and improvements. Please check the release notes for more details.


dotCMS 5.3 Overview Webinar

In this 30-minute webinar Will Ezell, dotCMS's Chief Technology Officer, will share with you what his team has been working on for upcoming releases of dotCMS.

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