8 DXP Tech Trends to Watch For In 2023

Jason Smith

Disruption is commonplace in technology, and that extends to the content management space, where headless and digital experience platforms have changed the industry tremendously. 

As enterprise companies shift away from traditional CMSs and toward these modern digital experience architectures, the rate of change shouldn’t be expected to slow down any time soon. 

In 2022 we saw composability establish a foothold, and even many legacy CMS brands recognize the benefits of adopting a headless approach.

So what does the future hold? Let’s analyze the top trends we believe will impact the industry in 2023.

1. Increased Adoption Of MACH-based Systems

Spurred by the growth of the MACH Alliance, software solutions that follow the principles of MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless) will continue to be adopted by forward-thinking enterprise brands. 

Flexibility and freedom are essential elements for modern enterprises as they need to quickly adapt to unpredictable change and keep costs from skyrocketing. Companies on the hunt for new software solutions in 2023 will opt for platforms that meet these requirements, and MACH-based systems (or, better yet, MACH+) will be the ones front and center.

2. Continued Growth of Typescript

Typescript was the 5th most popular language among developers, according to StackOverflow’s Developer Survey 2022. It is also the 2nd most popular language developers want to work with. 

The open-source programming language developed by Microsoft is a superset of JavaScript, leveraging a similar syntax and semantics but offering more productivity and efficiency. Over the years, more and more developers have been opting for Typescript over its alternatives and in 2023 this trend should continue.

3. Personalization Reaches New Levels

Personalization has always been important for customers. However, nowadays, brands can’t just be satisfied with adding a customer’s first name when sending them an email. In 2022, 56% of customers expected brands to personalize their offers. 

Brands will be able to leverage first-party, and zero-party data given to them by their customers instead of 3rd party data sources. These same customers will expect the companies they entrusted with their data to provide them with a personalized experience across multiple channels. 

4. Composable Solutions Take Center Stage

In keeping with the trend of MACH, composable solutions will take center stage across enterprise businesses. Many companies are unhappy with the restrictiveness of monolithic suites and will instead turn to more modular systems to meet their needs. 

Composable solutions, like a composable DXP, enable businesses to select only the best-of-breed tools that fit their needs instead of carrying subpar technologies as part of their tech stacks, increasing maintenance and licensing costs along the way. 

5. More Focus on Video Content

From live video to recorded video, marketers will continue leveraging video content in 2023. Short-form video on platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram has proven fruitful for businesses that tested it on social media channels. Even Google has noticed that Gen Z prefers to find video content on TikTok to answer search queries rather than use the popular search engine. Expect brands to increase their use of user-generated content and to take advantage of the popularity of video content in new and exciting ways. 

6. Omnichannel Becomes the Norm

Just like personalization, an expectation among customers in 2023 will be that brands can deliver omnichannel content to them wherever they are. Whether that means a website, social media channel, or mobile app, businesses need to provide a seamless experience to their customers if they want to keep up, let alone compete. 

Omnichannel increases convenience levels for customers so those businesses that are unable to leverage multiple channels to improve the customer experience will find themselves losing ground to those in their industry who can. 

7. Platform Consolidation & Growth of Multi-Site Continues

If every brand in your organization needs a website, it’s increasingly likely that they will all be powered by one platform with a shared set of augmentation services (Bazaarvoice, Basketful, a unified DAM, etc.) — users need tools to ensure all of these services are functioning in harmony. Simple “uptime checks” won’t suffice for pages that call multiple services. This will lead to continuous testing becoming more normalized. 

Brands will move away from platforms that make it difficult for them to manage multiple sites and will instead leverage CMSs that support multi tenancy and can help them accomplish more of their content goals with one tool. 

8. Importance of Accessibility Continues to Rise

With WCAG being the law of the land in many markets and the new WCAG 2.2 expected to be released in early 2023, companies will continue to have to redesign to bring their web content and tools in line with modern standards -- or face fines and risk lawsuits.

Accessibility is also an important ranking factor in SEO, so expect more companies to focus on improving their accessibility capabilities in 2023.

Prepare For 2023 and Beyond With dotCMS

Preparing for the changes coming in 2023 won’t be easy without the right technological foundation. When managing the digital experience and taking advantage of these DXP trends, having a hybrid CMS that allows developers to build using their favored technologies while giving marketers the user-friendly experience they need is essential.

dotCMS is a hybrid CMS for the enterprise and is designed to offer agility, scalability, and security for future-conscious brands. With our MACH+ architecture, you get increased flexibility and speed to market, allowing you to take advantage of these trends while remaining adaptable to any other changes you might be unaware of.

Hybrid content management and visual content editing with the help of our Block Editor, provides marketers with the tools they need to create engaging digital experiences. At the same time, IT teams can count on flexible cloud options and enterprise-grade performance and security. Future-proof your business and prepare for the coming digital trends today. 

Image Credit: Maximalfocus
Jason Smith
Chief User Experience Officer
January 31, 2023

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