See It In Action: dotCMS Universal Visual Editor (UVE)

Run Time: 9:19

The "Universal Visual Editor" feature in dotCMS is an innovative addition that complements the headless CMS architecture.

It allows page editors to directly edit pages rendered with major JavaScript frameworks within the dotCMS “Editor,” providing a responsive, WYSIWYG-like experience. This feature aligns with the headless CMS's principles of flexibility and performance and simplifies the editing process, enhancing both developer and editor workflows. In simple terms, the Universal Visual Editor equips frontend developers with a toolkit of JavaScript resources while providing a user-friendly interface for page editors and marketing teams.

Read our documentation to learn more.

Creating a Unified Editor Experience: Universal Visual Editor

The rise of the headless CMS has been a boon for developers, but at the expense of content managers; it has forced business users back to the 2000s, where the key to all progress lies in developer muscle (i.e. “let’s open a ticket”) when it came to managing anything more than just content. 

Mastering the New Universal Visual Editor in dotCMS: A Technical Deep Dive for Developers

Explore dotCMS's Universal Visual Editor, merging WYSIWYG simplicity with headless CMS flexibility. This tool offers drag-and-drop editing, inline content editing, and NoCode tooling for seamless omnichannel publishing. Enhance your digital content strategy with dotCMS’s hybrid approach.

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