dotCMS vs Sharepoint

Are you looking for an open source alternative to Sharepoint?

dotCMS is the best alternative to Sharepoint. dotCMS is a Java-based, open source hybrid CMS. dotCMS helps enterprise businesses to build, manage, and deploy content-based applications such as websites, SPAs, mobile apps, and intranets. The dotCMS platform also enables centralized content and asset management, and omnichannel delivery.

dotCMS vs Sharepoint

Why dotCMS?

Integrations fuel the modern intranet and are key to accessing and abstracting important, relevant, and personalized information from enterprise systems. dotCMS drives productivity for the entire distributed workforce, by helping to break down information silos streamlining internal communication and collaboration.

The digital workplace is going through an exciting transition period. Long gone are the days of cumbersome applications that ignore the employee experience. If you’re looking for an intranet solution, you might be wondering if dotCMS would be the right open source alternative to Sharepoint. Below are some of the reasons why dotCMS is the clear alternative to Sharepoint and a comparison table with features and benefits.

More Than an Intranet

Sharepoint has long been the choice for companies looking for a simple intranet with light digital asset management capabilities, but in the current online enviroment you need more than that. dotCMS offers you the same intranet and portal capabilities as Sharepoint, with the added benefits of enabling you to build digital experiences on the fly and optimize them for omnichannel delivery.

Easier to Learn

Sharepoint tends to be a bit on the complicated side, especially if you want more than the usual out-of-the-box functionalities the platform brings. To use the platform to its full potential you need a dedicated developer to help you sort the difficulties. dotCMS is a hybrid solution with LowCode and NoCode tooling features, making it ideal for content contributors.

Employee-Centric Experience

Sharepoint is much more technology-centric than user or employee-centric, making it clunky and difficult to use, especially for untrained or non-technical employees. dotCMS believes that the employee experience is key to a good intranet experience and gives you a solid backend experience in a friendly interface.

Feature Sharepoint dotCMS
Documentation Basic documentation about each version is accessible to the public. Thorough documentation about each version is accessible to the public.
URL Management Native URL management capabilities. Native URL management capabilities, full control of URL paths including 201,301 and 302 redirects.
SEO Basic SEO options. Rich snippets and edit metadata are available for SEO purposes in addition to the basic SEO options.
Multilanguage Capabilities Supports localization only. Supports localization and multiple languages on both the backend and frontend. Backend users can contribute content in several languages, and frontend users may choose to view content in each of the supported languages.
Community and Resources Dedicated community forum and learning center. Dedicated community forum and learning center with a library and on-demand webinars.
Security and Compliance ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant, TLS encryption, and two-factor authentication. ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant, TLS encryption, and two-factor authentication.

Why TELUS Chose dotCMS

TELUS, the Canadian telecommunications giant, chose dotCMS to host its intranet and employee portal. Their previous intranet, a legacy system, couldn’t keep up with the ever-growing needs of TELUS and its subsidiaries, which called for a new intranet solution that could support a growing enterprise.

Thanks to dotCMS, TELUS strengthened its business's employee experience and gave employees of different stores and subsidiaries across Canada quick access to customer data, marketing and training materials in multiple formats and languages.

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