Professional Services

Supplement your team with dotCMS experts

dotCMS Professional Services can help you speed time to implementation, get the most value out of your dotCMS implementation, and provide services that may be challenging for dotCMS partners to deliver.

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Service Offerings

dotCMS Professional Services offers three different levels of engagement to help you deliver, manage, and maintain your dotCMS implementation.

Consulting Services

dotCMS Consulting provides access to senior dotCMS engineers for deep technical review, analysis, and guidance for your dotCMS implementation. Consulting engagements are intended for work that is both advisory in nature, and limited in duration.

Common types of work performed in Consulting engagements include but are not limited to:

  • Formal and thorough audit of your current dotCMS implementation
  • Review of Infrastructure, Information Architecture, or Implementation design or plans
  • Customization of existing dotCMS features (e.g. Push Publishing Filters)

Implementation Assistance

dotCMS Implementation Assistance allocates dotCMS trained and managed developers to perform specific tasks for your implementation. Implementation Assistance engagements are intended for well-defined work that requires “hands-on-keyboard” technical work from engineers with a strong understanding of the dotCMS product and code base.

Common types of work performed in Implementation Assistance engagements include:

  • Live or Customized Training
  • Custom or Expanded Documentation
  • Adaptation of existing visual or graphic design into dotCMS product framework
  • Installation of dotCMS components (e.g. standard plugins)
  • Code Development or Debugging (Javascript, Velocity, Java, etc.)
  • Directed Development

Maintenance Assistance

dotCMS Maintenance Assistance gives you access to trained dotCMS staff to perform deep or sophisticated work to migrate, update, or maintain your dotCMS Cloud environments. Maintenance Assistance engagements are intended for longer-term or open-ended work which may not be well-defined or which can’t be easily planned up-front.

Common types of work performed under a Maintenance Assistance agreement include:

  • Content migration (bulk updates, export/import, etc.)
  • Data structure changes/migration (add/remove/change content type fields)
  • Code migration (e.g. plugin migration)
  • Development of basic sample code (Javascript, Velocity, Java plugin) to implement or customize specific dotCMS features
  • Work order estimates
  • Support via Non-standard Channels (calls, IM, etc.)
  • Share Best Practices
  • Extended support

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