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dotCMS offers consulting services that are designed to help make the most of your technology investment and keep your projects on track.

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Consulting Workshops

dotCMS offers several hands-on workshops to ensure that your dotCMS implementation runs smoothly.  In these workshops dotCMS Engineers work directly with your team to answer your questions and provide best practice solutions for your requirements.  Unlike support, these workshops can provide hands on assistance when helping with questions.  And unlike training you set the topics to be covered and the questions to be answered in the workshop.  Depending on your needs, these workshops can be delivered either remotely or in person.

Note: dotCMS Consulting workshops are available exclusively to dotCMS Enterprise customers. For more advanced requirements, we also offer Directed Development engagements where customers work directly with dotCMS to provide significant new capabilities to the core dotCMS software.

Web Developer Workshop


Whether you are a new or an existing client looking to implement new features, the Web Developer Workshop will help you plan and implement new initiatives at the front end web developer level.

dotCMS experts will answer your questions and assist in understanding and selecting the correct dotCMS features to achieve your goals.  Examples of topics can include:

  • Building out content types
  • Headless implementations and REST APIs
  • Taxonomies
  • Content relationships
  • Workflows
  • Widgets
  • Custom fields
  • Searching with Elasticsearch
  • Scripting
  • Role-based permissions
  • Themes, Templates and Containers

Java Developer Workshop


If you are looking to extend the dotCMS platform with custom Java plugins and code, the Java Developer Workshop can give you a head start. This workshop offers assistance building advanced customizations and integrations using the dotCMS Java API and plugin architecture. Lead by Java Engineers, this workshop helps you understand the dotCMS's Java APIs and the supported extension points offered by dotCMS out of the box. Topics can include:

  • dotCMS Development Environment
  • Understanding the dotCMS Architecture
  • Exploring available dotCMS plugins
  • Creating a custom OSGI plugin
  • Developing a custom REST endpoint
  • Best practices when developing for dotCMS
  • Selecting the right technologies when interacting with dotCMS 

System Administration/DevOps Workshop


Questions regarding dotCMS configuration, architecture, optimization and maintenance? In the System Architect Workshop you will work directly with dotCMS Systems Administrators who can assist with topics around best practices deploying dotCMS in the most perforant overall review, assessment and recommendations for optimizing your setup.  Topics can include:

  • Installation
  • Configuring/Optimizing Push Publishing
  • CI/CD
  • Containerizing dotCMS
  • Performance optimizations
  • Cache sizing and tuning
  • Upgrading dotCMS
  • Migrations to dotCMS preferred stack