Future-Proofing Your Content

Brands are turning to Content-as-a-Service (or Headless CMS) as a way to future-proof their content. In CaaS, content is stored separately from the presentation layer, meaning it can be pushed to any connected device in the Internet of Things , think Alexa, Google Home, etc. Moving to CaaS means brands need to shift their thinking when it comes to creating, storing, and presenting content.

The shift is not only in how you present your content, but it is also a shift in how users are interacting with your content. The Internet of Things means moving away from content simply living on a webpage to a interactive conversation with users. CaaS and the Internet of Things means taking into account new considerations with development and creation of content.

We spoke with Rod Tosten, VP of Information Technology at Gettysburg College, to get his thoughts on the Internet of Things, Content-as-a-Service, and to hear how he’s used dotCMS to build out Alexa Skills for students at Gettysburg College.

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