dotCMS Enterprise

Run dotCMS Cloud on your infrastructure.

Technology teams who need a greater level of control with their dotCMS deployments choose dotCMS Enterprise. It allows them to take ownership of every element of the underlying infrastructure without any external dependencies and blend dotCMS with their current application landscape.

dotCMS on Your Infrastructure!

Seamlessly embed dotCMS Cloud into your own managed infrastructure, whether it’s AWS, Azure, GCP or managed servers. You control all relevant infrastructure resources for your entire digital marketing stack.

dotCMS Hybrid CMS - Enterprise Deployment

Key Features

With dotCMS Enterprise your team can continue to work with the technology stack they prefer including operating systems, application servers and databases. dotCMS supports a custom stack for large scale deployment of dotCMS with a Site License or Global Site License.

Security & Compliance

dotCMS Enterprise flawlessly works with your existing security and compliance framework such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Detection & Protection (IDP), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and VPN access to keep your company secure. Unlike other CMS offerings, dotCMS Enterprise does not impose any restrictions on vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, including in all source code.

Unlimited Licensing

A Site License (one Live/Production) or Global Site License (multiple Live/Production environments) offers a cost-effective licensing model that gives technology teams freedom to work and gives procurement teams peace of mind.


Deploy dotCMS in containers with our Docker images and use Kubernetes or OpenShift to orchestrate deployment and expand DevOps agility. dotCMS offers Containerization Support to support & maintain your custom Docker images.

Single Sign On

dotCMS makes Single Sign On simple by integrating smoothly with SAML, Oauth, and AD-based SSO vendors. With our Authentication Support, dotCMS is here to help your team with the initial configuration, ongoing maintenance and support of your SSO integration.

Performance Matters

Unlike other CMS vendors, dotCMS does not have API-rate limits The API can be stretched as far as your underlying infrastructure and applications allow. To ensure your dotCMS instance runs smoothly, dotCMS offers Performance Support (24/7, critical care) for your Live/Production environments.


The power of the dotCMS platform lies in the flexibility it offers when extending the core software. Custom OSGI plugins and our widget framework help to support any use case. For additional peace of mind, dotCMS offers Plugin Support & Certification to include all your customizations with our support agreement.

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