dotCMS Cloud

The most secure, scalable and efficient solution for running dotCMS.

With dotCMS Cloud, we take care of infrastructure so you can focus on innovation. Compared to self-hosting or 3rd-party managed hosting, dotCMS Cloud provides a lower total cost of ownership, resulting in a greater return on your digital investment.


How It Works

With an extensive list of NoCode capabilities and an API-first infrastructure, dotCMS is the content foundation that you have been longing for. With dotCMS it is simple to build and deliver engaging experiences for your brand, regardless of the channel.



Easily build, manage, and optimize personalized, targeted campaigns across all your channels whether it is web, mobile, or IoT.


Quickly create and launch hundreds, or even thousands, of sites through one centralized location - ensuring brand consistency and an uniform customer experience.


Content Reuse

Reusing content is simple in dotCMS, because all content is defined and structured, making it completely separated from the presentation layer. The modular structure makes it so content can be written and edited in one place and then utilized on all channels and sites.

NoCode Usability

Our NoCode capabilities, including drag & drop template builders and layout designers, make it easy for marketing teams to create multiple types of content including landing pages without requiring IT involvement.


Key Features

Designed for both Marketing and Technology teams, dotCMS Cloud architecture allows your team the flexibility to implement the latest technical innovations, while accommodating changes in customer trends. This adaptability will reduce the total cost of ownership and improve ROI.


The dotCMS Cloud architecture scales to support local and global enterprises, with up to 99.98% uptime guaranteed.

Content Model

It is easy to create custom content types, fields, relationships and taxonomies with dotCMS's drag and drop interface.

Top-Rated Support

When you host your content on dotCMS you can have peace of mind knowing your site is monitored by the dotCMS engineering and support teams 24/7/365.


On dotCMS Cloud you can manage hundreds or even thousands of sites and channels from one centralized platform. This centralized platform makes it simple to share content across your ecosystem and reduce inconsistencies while creating a consistent experience.

Publishing Freedom

With dotCMS you are able to preview future or past experiences. In addition, both static and dynamic content publishing are supported simultaneously. dotCMS also gives content creators the ability to schedule campaigns and use the TimeMachine.

Single Sign On

dotCMS makes Single Sign On simple by integrating smoothly with SAML, Oauth, and AD-based SSO vendors. With our Authentication Support, dotCMS is here to help your team with the initial configuration, ongoing maintenance and support of your SSO integration.


Enjoy full control over your content, assets, layouts, and workflows with our API and compact JSON.

Layout as a Service

NoCode layout creation gives business users the ability to manage and edit layouts, contents and assets in context.

Roles & Permissions

Customizing roles and permissions allow you to keep your content safe and team members productive.


With dotCMS you can improve and simplify your content creation sytem by building multi-step workflows with features like Four Eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations.


Get insight into how your content is performing through the Google Analytics integration available in your dashboard.

Site Search

With a powerful site and document search built with easy to manage facets, you can create a robust index of your content and assets.

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