Product Brief

dotCMS Cloud (Anywhere)

dotCMS Cloud (Anywhere)


dotCMS Cloud is the flagship of the dotCMS enterprise offering for organizations who wish to focus on their core business and have their technology teams focus on innovation to drive success. Their ambition requires ambitious technology, and dotCMS has been delivering dotCMS Cloud since 2009. dotCMS Cloud is a multi-cloud global offering on AWS and GCP infrastructure and products. dotCMS Cloud + brings all the advantages of a hybrid-headless Content Management System, including hosting an in-house/Third-Party built Single Page App (SPA), so your technology team can continue focusing on innovation.  

Key Benefits

  • Availability up to 99.98%

  • Included CMS upgrades & Application Maintenance

  • Business & technology agility

  • Unprecedented scalability

  • Content unlimited 

Enterprise Architecture

dotCMS has been an enterprise-grade content management system since its inception. Decoupling the core application tiers (authoring, repository, and delivery tier) made dotCMS suitable for large-scale deployments, enabling vertical and horizontal scaling. Authoring occurs behind the corporate firewall, while clustered live environments operate in the public domain. The non-production environments follow the enterprise SDLC chain, and built-in tooling (Push Publishing) ensures the promotion from lower environments to production in a secure and controlled manner.


dotCMS enterprise architecture

Performance & Scalability

Running business-critical applications requires performance and scalability by design. dotCMS is built on a J2EE stack meeting those requirements. The caching capabilities of dotCMS yield the maximum performance output per computing resourcing unit. To enhance that performance even further, every High-Availability subscription of dotCMS Cloud includes dotCDN, and even your Third-Party Content Delivery Network can be integrated and supported by the dotCMS team. Meanwhile, your technology team takes care of business (innovation). dotCMS ran in clusters from the beginning, and in a containerized context, auto-scaling dotCMS instances were never so easy. dotCMS supports customers with performance requirements of API load times below 3 ms, and the data of one of our customers is provided for one day running on two dotCMS instances in their production environment (no CDN, just built-in dotCMS caching).


Day in the life of a dotCMS Cloud customer

Content performance is the ultimate team sport and doesn’t come overnight.

Business-Critical Continuity

Running business-critical applications on dotCMS Cloud means you can rely on uptime availability ranging from 99.9% to 99.98%. Back-up SLAs and streamlined restoration processes allow the dotCMS team to restore customer environments as quickly as humanly possible, following our SOC2 (Type II)-certified business continuity plan. 

Customers can download assets and a database dump from their dotCMS Cloud via the administrative interface and use these snapshots to have an additional instance available in an emergency.

Every dotCMS Cloud subscription includes CMS upgrades (LTS to LTS) performed by the dotCMS Cloud team in parallel to your running environments to avoid downtime. 

The OSGi framework allows development teams to extend the core of dotCMS using custom plugins. The development teams can deploy these plugins without taking down dotCMS Cloud environments. These custom plugins can also be maintained & supported by the dotCMS team (optional subscription add-on).


In this day and age, business-critical applications do not rely only on performance. Security and compliance can be the biggest detractor for business-critical applications when not taken care of. dotCMS Cloud is a security-first platform with different layers of security built into the platform. 

All data is encrypted, both in transit (SSL) and at rest (AES-256), and most of our enterprise clients grant access to dotCMS via their corporate Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution, whether it’s Oauth or SAML based. Role-based permissions take care of access to backend tooling and content.

dotCMS Cloud is SOC2 (Type II) certified and preparing for ISO 27001. Recently, dotCMS became a CVE Naming Authority.

The included dotCDN solution and a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provide additional layers of security on an infrastructure level. 

To get the highest code quality and proactively look for security vulnerabilities, every release is submitted to static scanning (SonarQube) for every release dotCMS brings to the market.  

All relevant documentation regarding security and compliance can be accessed here: 

Content Unlimited

Most cloud CMS vendors are surprisingly restricting with their offering regarding CMS 101 items: limited CMS editor seats, content types, and records, little to no custom workflows, and API rate limiting, to name a few.  Within the included bandwidth and storage boundaries, we do not impose any restrictions on content management. We believe in Content Unlimited.

dotCMS Cloud +

dotCMS Cloud + brings all the advantages of a cloud-managed headless Content Management System, including hosting your in-house/Third-Party built Single Page App (SPA), so your technology team can continue to focus on innovation. The pure headless CMS offering is already “half the CMS for the full price,” and signing up with a SaaS-based headless CMS vendor still solves half of your problem: you still need to host your custom-built front-end solution. That is where dotCMS Cloud + fills the void with Enterprise SPA hosting and offers a turn-key solution: all JS frameworks supported by AWS Amplify are supported by dotCMS Cloud +. dotCMS Cloud+ is for customers who wish to run dotCMS mostly headlessly and empower their content-driven application.


dotCMS Cloud+ includes Enterprise SPA hosting

dotCMS Cloud Anywhere (+)

Customers who wish to have a certain level of control over the underlying cloud stack of dotCMS Cloud can sign up for dotCMS Cloud Anywhere. It’s running dotCMS Cloud in your cloud stack that you have signed up for with your cloud vendor (AWS or GCP), and dotCMS sets up the environments and owns the ongoing maintenance and support, just like regular dotCMS Cloud. This offering includes licensing for dotCMS, maintenance & support, upgrades, and server & security management. Audited Infrastructure Access Tooling is leveraged for managing SLAs.

dotCMS also extends the Cloud + offering to this type of deployment of dotCMS Cloud with the dotCMS Cloud Anywhere + offering. 

dotCMS Cloud Product Comparison

dotCMS offers maximum flexibility with three additional tiers on top of the core dotCMS Cloud offering, depending on your use cases and requirements regarding the level of control over the underlying cloud stack and the hosting of your custom JS-based front-ends.


Testing dotCMS Cloud

You can explore the incredible capabilities of dotCMS at your convenience in our online demo environment:

Note: the online demo environment is reset daily at 12 AM and 12 PM EST.

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