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dotCMS Content Delivery Network (dotCDN)

dotCMS Content Delivery Network (dotCDN)


dotCMS offers industry-leading content delivery performance out-of-the-box with it’s unparalleled built-in caching. This might not be sufficient when running business-critical platforms with even higher requirements and a global presence. dotCMS has teamed up with Bunny to provide a globally scalable secure Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is lightning fast and fully integrated with dotCMS as dotCDN. Never sacrifice performance again, no matter where your users are. dotCDN is now part of the dotCMS Cloud offering.

Global Backbone

dotCDN consists of a fine-tuned global network powered by an 80Tbit+ backbone with a worldwide average of fewer than 29 milliseconds of average latency.


dotCDN presence and performance

Purge Management

Invalidate content around the world in a matter of seconds. Content can be invalidated in three ways: 

Manually via the dotCMS administrative interface


Automatically via dotCMS Workflow. dotCMS provides a workflow actionlet that can be added to workflow steps that will automatically invalidate a customer’s content when it is published/unpublished. Customers need to be set up and apply the workflow action to the specific workflow steps. 

Programmatically outside dotCMS via an endpoint. This purge can be done with curl or postman.


More technical details can be found here:

Routing Engine

dotCMS CDN uses a powerful routing engine that analyzes real-time requests based on your content and network metrics to ensure your visitors constantly receive content from the optimal destination. We couple this with custom rules to control delivery, security, and routing, to make dotCMS CDN the spokes in your content wheel.


dotCDN allows you to permanently store a copy of your files on the CDN for a 100% cache HIT ratio. Experience maximum performance, even with uncached content. Integrated cache management in dotCMS makes caching seamless by designating caching as a step in your existing content approval workflows while allowing you to manage the cache from the backend manually.

Reporting and statistics

dotCMS provides insights into the dotCDN bandwidth utilization. The statistics of dotCDN can be accessed/retrieved in two ways:

Back-end UI





dotCMS is a security-first CMS and we take security to the next level for our customers, being a SOC2 (Type II) certified vendor. dotCDN adds a security layer to business-critical platforms powered by dotCMS for threats like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks.

Third-Party CDN

dotCDN is optimized for dotCMS. However, dotCMS works with any Content Delivery Network of your choice, and dotCMS doesn’t impose any restrictions. More technical details on best practices can be found here:

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