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The New Standard for an API-first, Headless CMS

Traditional CMS vs Headless CMS vs Hybrid CMS - What does it all mean?

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Join Ars Logica founder, Tony White, as he discusses the challenges today top brands are facing as they attempt to drive engaging customer experiences through new IoT channels like voice assistants, wearables, digital signage and more. White will touch on why having a proper CMS in place that can be the key to success with your IoT strategy, going into the differences between Headless, Traditional, and Hybrid CMS models.

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As an API-first CMS from its inception, dotCMS has the capabilities to be deployed as a true headless solution, traditional CMS or, most commonly, as a Hybrid CMS solution. Joining Ars Logica, dotCMS will give its insight into these CMS deployment models and the pros and cons of each. Register now to hear from the experts at Ars Logica and dotCMS on what marketing and IT teams can (and should) expect from their headless CMS vendor.

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Tony White Presenter

Tony White

@ Ars Logica

Stefan Schinkel Presenter

Stefan Schinkel

Chief Revenue Officer
@ dotCMS

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How to extend the NoCode capabilities for marketing & business teams

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Discover new tools for technology teams to lower development & integration efforts

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Increase your enterprise agility

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