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Headless CMS & Single Page Applications SPAs

Join our webinar to learn how to leverage a Headless CMS to build and manage single page applications — learn why SPAs have grown in popularity recently and how top companies are using them.


Headless CMS + SPA Webinar

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In this record webinar we discuss how to leverage dotCMS as a Headless CMS to build and manage single page applications. We talk about how dotCMS goes beyond typical CMSs by enabling marketers with drag-and-drop tools to manage content and layout inside SPAs. We show you how dotCMS goes beyond a headless (or Content-as-a-Service) solution, with its Layout-as-a-Service capabilities. We also bring in the implementation experts at Dynamit to review how to build and manage SPAs inside dotCMS, including real customer examples.

Register now to learn:

  • What is a Single Page Application and why they are so popular
  • What is content-as-a-service and layout-as-a-service
  • How do SPAs fit into dotCMS’s product roadmap
  • How to build and manage an SPA in dotCMS
  • Real customer example of an SPA in dotCMS

Ondemand - Watch Now

Why Single Page Applications?

Single Page Applications (SPA) have grown in popularity recently due to their improved application performance and consistency as well as the reduced development time and infrastructure costs. Along with newer JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, SPAs are becoming the go-to for enterprises who are looking to decouple their content and presentation layers (i.e. go headless!) and are looking for a speedy dynamic experience for their users.

Improved Site Speed

Fast and responsive, SPAs provide a speedy and smooth experience for users.

Simple Streamlined Development

No need to write code in order to render pages on the server - you can usually get started without using any server at all.