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Push Publishing in dotCMS

Learn how to set up, configure and troubleshoot push publishing in your dotCMS environment

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About the Webinar

In a new foundational learn-from-home dotCMS training, we will take you through the very powerful concepts of push publishing in dotCMS. Push publishing helps your digital marketing team to optimize the activation of digital experiences, whether it’s a single (landing) page or a complete website or application. Push publishing is nicely integrated with the Workflow Management capability of dotCMS to drive agility & automation while maintaining the highest level of governance

Key takeaways are:

  • How easy it is to configure Push Publishing in your dotCMS architecture
  • How push publishing works in conjunction with workflows
  • Set-up flexible scenarios in a single dotCMS environment

Hosted by

Jenn Ezell Presenter

Jenn Ezell

Customer Success Manager
@ dotCMS