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How to Personalize Single Page Apps Using dotCMS’s Headless Capabilities

Give your IT team the resources it needs to re-empower your business users in a headless CMS environment

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About the Webinar

The rise of the headless CMS has been a boon for developers. Headless technology has freed them from the restraints of legacy CMS frameworks that aren’t equipped to support modern, content-rich experiences. But that developer freedom has had a cost; it has forced content managers and business users back to the 2000s, where the key to all progress lies in developer muscle (i.e. “let’s open a ticket”) when it came to managing anything more than just content. 

The release of dotCMS 5.2 focuses squarely on re-empowering business users in this new headless world. It allows developers to create SPAs using best-of-breed technologies and the latest tools, while still providing the experience manageability that content managers have come to expect. dotCMS 5.2 re-enables control for business users and provides easy to use in-context management of content, layouts and even deliver persona-driven personalized content experiences.

In this webinar, we will show you how to get started using dotCMS’s unique headless capabilities to deliver end-to-end personalization for single page applications. We’ll also demonstrate how to get started using dotCMS 5.2 as your headless experience platform.

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Will Ezell Presenter

Will Ezell

Chief Technology Officer
@ dotCMS

Stefan Schinkel Presenter

Stefan Schinkel

Chief Revenue Officer
@ dotCMS

What You'll Learn

differentiate by accessible

How you can use the new frontend / backend roles to allow selective previewing of content

differentiate by accessible

How business users can create and use Call to Actions (CTAs) and forms in their SPA

differentiate by accessible

How dotCMS allows you to create, manage and preview personalization in your SPA

differentiate by accessible

How business users can use rules to drive engagement, segmentation and personalized experiences in headless environments

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