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Headless Commerce: Rethinking eCommerce to Stay Ahead in the IoT Era

A look into dotCMS and commercetools and headless eCommerce

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About the Webinar

As businesses and brands increasingly look to develop and implement online strategies that deliver the optimal blend of content and commerce to provide for both experience and consumerism, finding the right technology mix is key.

This webinar will demonstrate how the API-first approach of dotCMS and commercetools allow a rich integration, both directly between the products for editorial productivity, and within the experience delivery implementation to compose a digital experience for any channel with content from the CMS and product information from the PIM.

With over a decade of experience providing enterprise implementations for global brands Dept will share how they use an abstracted delivery framework to seamlessly integrate providers together and build modular components to enrich content with commerce to that can be applied to any experience delivery implementation.

Hosted by

Daniel Paterson Presenter

Daniel Paterson

Principle Architect

Stefan Schinkel Presenter

Stefan Schinkel

Chief Revenue Officer
@ dotCMS

Curt Brown Presenter

Curt Brown

Executive Advisor
@ Unbxd

What You'll Learn

differentiate by accessible

Learn about the new Commerce Experience solution based on dotCMS, commercetools, and Unbxd, and how it helps drive success

differentiate by accessible

Learn about provider abstraction, route interception, and enrichment

differentiate by accessible

See how the front-end design can be decoupled from the structured content and data

differentiate by accessible

Q&A with industry leading experts in enterprise content management, commerce, and omni-channel delivery

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