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Creating Smarter, Headless Digital Experiences

See why smarter interfaces, on top of a solid content foundation, are leading the charge when it comes to engaging digital experiences.

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About the Webinar

In the era of the Internet of Things, brands are confronted with a rapidly increasing number of touchpoints they can leverage to engage with their customers and prospects. Managing this challenge with resources and technology that makes sense requires smarter interfaces — on top of the right content foundation.

In this webinar, we’ll dive deeper into how an API-first content foundation strategy can cater for this omnichannel era and set marketing and IT teams up for respective and joined successes.  

With over a decade of experience providing smarter interfaces to marquee brands, Myplanet will dive into the types of smart interfaces they’ve come across in their projects and what they see trending in the IoT era.

Hosted by

Michael Younder Presenter

Michael Younder

Head of Partner Operations
@ Myplanet

Stefan Schinkel Presenter

Stefan Schinkel

Chief Revenue Officer
@ dotCMS

What You'll Learn

differentiate by accessible

Learn how dotCMS supports omnichannel digital experiences for both marketing and IT teams in a headless or hybrid CMS scenario.

differentiate by accessible

Discover how smarter interfaces can enhance digital experiences and drive business outcomes

differentiate by accessible

Ask questions with industry leading experts in content management, digital experiences, smart interfacing, and omnichannel delivery

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