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Get in-depth training on all the tools Content Architects need to build and maintain their dotCMS projects.

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About the Webinar

This course teaches the creation of containers, content types, categories, relationships, templates, personalization rules, site search, groups and roles, as well as the use of other advanced features such as the event calendar and form handler in dotCMS.

This training is a prerequisite for follow-up training (Web developer and Java Developer).

NOTE: This module will be delivered on the newest version, dotCMS 5.1.

3-Part Training Series

The training will be delivered in three sessions, each will take three hours:

  • Part 1: Tuesday, April 23 | 10am - 1pm EST
  • Part 2: Wednesday, April 24 | 10am - 1pm EST
  • Part 3: Thursday, April 25 | 10am - 1pm EST

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What You'll Learn

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How to create containers, content types, categories, relationships & templates.

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Look into personalization rules, site search, groups and roles.

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Other advanced features like the event calendar and form handler.

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