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Built on leading Java technology, dotCMS is head-optional, multi-tenant, cloud-based, enterprise-ready—and of course—totally open source. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in, and hello to total freedom and flexibility.

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Why Open Source?


Open source software, including dotCMS, is built with assistance and insights from the community. Together, we spot and fix issues faster, and build solutions that make a difference both in theory and practice.

...and Community

Open source software communities don’t just help construct the software, they support each other online and meet up for events offline—making for an actual community of like-minded professionals.


dotCMS clients can customize, extend, and scale their digital presences without limitations—without worrying about security flaws along the way.

Cost Effective

Open source software doesn’t require licensing fees, nor are there any charges for the frequent updates applied by the software vendor.

No Lock-In

Open source software protects you from vendor lock-in; meaning that you can freely export your site and data without limits. Plus, you can integrate with any third-party tool of your choice.

Key Features

Open Source

The dotCMS codebase is available on GitHub, where our team communicates new features and manages the transparent software development process.

Enterprise Content Management

Drag-and-drop editing, secure workflows, multilingual features, and multi-tenant capabilities all make up the dotCMS experience.

More Than Headless

Thanks to a decoupled architecture and REST APIs, dotCMS is a marketer-friendly content hub that feeds any external system or IoT device.

Cloud or On-Premise

dotCMS’ multi-node architecture can be hosted and scaled on an on-premise server, a public cloud, or a private cloud—the choice is yours.

Truly Secure

We prioritize security with cutting-edge firewall technology, SAML authentication, oAuth authentication, Active Directory, and LDAP Authentication.

Seamless Integrations

With over 25 built-in integrations and a robust API architecture, dotCMS helps you take advantage of best-of-breed technologies.

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