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dotCMS offers a modern API-first content management solution built on the Java enterprise stack, making even the most complex integrations surprisingly painless.

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Powered by Java

Built on leading Java technology, dotCMS adheres to Java standards such as OSGI and APIs driven by JAX-RS, with Elasticsearch built in, facilitating a flexible, open source headless CMS.

Open Source Java CMS

Structured Content

Content types are defined and structured in dotCMS to ensure complete separation from the presentation layer. Role-based permissions can be applied across content types, sites or even down the content object level.

Open Source Java CMS


dotCMS comes bundled with hundreds of pre-built endpoints. Developers can build and hot deploy custom endpoints with OSGI or script custom API using Apache Velocity, Java plugins or server-side code to support omnichannel strategies.

Open Source Java CMS

Global Scalability

To simplify growth, dotCMS was designed from the ground up to support clustering and horizontal scalability, thus enabling dotCMS to store and deliver content at scale, easily handling millions of content objects.

Global Distributed Java CMS on AWS

Easily Customizable and Extendable

dotCMS empowers developers with full extensibility, offering a transparent and open codebase, REST and Java- based APIs, Javadocs, OSGI, and custom Java plugins, pluggable authentication, and more.

Extendable Java CMS

Key Features

OSGi & Dynamic Plugins

The framework allows applications or components to be remotely installed, started, stopped, updated and uninstalled without requiring a reboot.


Leverage this full-text search engine to help query content in multiple ways, including through Velocity Viewtool, a Java API, a RESTful service, or an Elasticsearch portlet.

Chainable, Extensible Caching Layer

Supports per node caches or distributed caching solutions such as HazelCast, Apache Ignite or Redis for extreme scalability.


Enjoy full control over your content, assets, layouts, and workflows with REST APIs or GraphQL.


Containers provide an environment for microservices to be deployed, managed, and scaled independently in a streamlined fashion.

Open Source

The dotCMS codebase is available on GitHub, where our team communicates new features and manages the transparent software development process.

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