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Transform Your Tech Stack into a Composable DXP.

A composable digital experience platform represents a new generation of digital experience platforms that shy away from packaged, monolithic services.The composable DXP approach was born out of the need for greater flexibility and customizability.

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Why dotCMS?

dotCMS aims to break down the data silos that monolithic solutions create. Our composable architecture makes it easy to connect best-of-breed systems using our API-first cloud-based solution to create personalized experiences at scale. This, coupled with reduced time-to-market, enables organizations to create better digital experiences in less time.



The composable architecture follows a modular approach, leveraging APIs that can easily connect, creating context-based, personalized experiences for visitors and customers.


The Content as a Service (CaaS) model removes the barriers to managing your content and assets and enables you to extend your capabilities with APIs and microservices.


A Composable solution enables you to turn ideas and prototypes into solutions quicker than traditional platforms that require more training, thus reducing your team’s effectiveness.

Key Features

GraphQL APIs

dotCMS also works with GraphQL APIs, allowing for efficient and high performing integrations. By leveraging the speed of GraphQL, we give developers better performance with the same flexibility of REST.


Managing triggers and notifications across your platform requires flexible inbound and outbound webhooks. dotCMS provides you with webhooks out-of-the-box and integrates them with the content management approval workflows.


Exposing the content and tooling relevant to your customers will drive customer experiences while keeping them connected with relevant engagement.

Content Delivery Network

Deliver instant access and maximum content performance everywhere by integrating dotCMS with an enterprise-grade CDN that will give you global coverage at scale.

Scalability & Speed

dotCMS has the Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities that allow you to scale your website across your organization quickly and easily.


With an API-first CMS that supports both REST and GraphQL, using dotCMS brands can build cross-channel customer journeys and optimize engaging experiences for every touchpoint.

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