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Content is the fuel for your brand experience. We deliver the most flexible API-first infrastructure, with the highest level of NoCode, so you can build, manage and deliver trusted, continuous and connected customer experiences.

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What is a Hybrid CMS

With a Hybrid CMS, you get the freedom to create what you need —  whether it’s the speed and security of a static site, or the ability to deliver personalized content via a full suite of REST APIs to help future-proof your brand —  our Hybrid CMS gives you the power to build what you need, when you need it.

Open Source Java CMS

API First Architecture

Create once, deliver anywhere with our robust API architecture. From content and layouts to navigation and workflows, our APIs mean you can access any dotCMS content and functionality separately from the dotCMS backend.

Edit Mode Anywhere

Manage Content and Layout

We don’t just give developers RESTful API access to content - we provide access to templates, layouts, modules, pages, and workflows, allowing marketers and developers to work together to deliver engaging customers experiences.

Key Features

Content Model

Drag-n-drop to easily create custom content types, fields, relationships and taxonomies.

Roles & Permissions

Customizable roles and permissions keep your content safe and team members productive.


Our API and compact JSON payloads give you full control over your content, assets, layouts, and workflows.


Build multi-step workflows with features like four-eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations.

Layout as a Service

Give business users the ability to manage layouts and edit content and assets in context.


Publishing in multiple languages with granular locale settings help you launch on time, every time.

Professional Support

Host your content on dotCMS cloud platform monitored by the engineering and support teams 24/7/365.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

OAuth 2, SAML 2 or Active Directory simplifies managing user accounts and roles.

Scalability & Speed

Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities, allow you to scale across your organization.

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