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Digital experience is becoming more and more important for businesses.

dotCMS helps you build and manage digital experiences across channels, from websites to mobile apps to physical spaces. We offer a composable solution that makes it easy to connect your best of bread systems like eCommerce, marketing automation, analytics, and much more.

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Why dotCMS?

The composable DXP approach was born out of the need for greater flexibility and customizability. dotCMS DXP aims to break down the data silos that monolithic solutions create. Our composable architecture makes it easy to connect best-of-breed systems using our API-first cloud-based solution to create personalized experiences at scale. This, coupled with reduced time-to-market, enables organizations to create better digital experiences in less time.



The composable architecture follows a modular approach, leveraging APIs that can easily connect, creating context-based, personalized experiences for visitors and customers.


The Content as a Service (CaaS) model removes the barriers to managing your content and assets and enables you to extend your capabilities with APIs and microservices.


A Composable solution enables you to turn ideas and prototypes into solutions quicker than traditional platforms that require more training, thus reducing your team’s effectiveness.

Key Features

Create once, deliver anywhere with our robust API architecture (REST & GraphQL). From content and layouts to navigation and workflows, our APIs mean you can access any dotCMS content and functionality separately from the dotCMS backend.

Content Model

It is easy to create custom content types, fields, relationships and taxonomies with dotCMS's drag and drop interface.

Roles & Permissions

Customizing roles and permissions allow you to keep your content safe and team members productive.


Enjoy full control over your content, assets, layouts, and workflows with our API and compact JSON.


With dotCMS you can improve and simplify your content creation sytem by building multi-step workflows with features like Four Eye approval, AI translations, and third-party integrations.

Layout as a Service

NoCode layout creation gives business users the ability to manage and edit layouts, contents and assets in context.


Publishing in multiple languages with granular localization support helps you launch on time, every time.

Professional Support

When you host your content on dotCMS you can have peace of mind knowing your site is monitored by the dotCMS engineering and support teams 24/7/365.

Single Sign On

dotCMS makes Single Sign On simple by integrating smoothly with SAML, Oauth, and AD-based SSO vendors. With our Authentication Support, dotCMS is here to help your team with the initial configuration, ongoing maintenance and support of your SSO integration.

Scalability & Speed

dotCMS has the Java infrastructure and multi-tenant capabilities that allow you to scale your website across your organization quickly and easily.

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