System Velocity Files

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2021
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Velocity files used by dotCMS are stored in the Velocity folder in the dotCMS distribution. If you wish to create Velocity Macros or Velocity Libraries for use in your dotCMS site, dotCMS will look for them in this folder.

Velocity Folder Location

By default, the Velocity folder is WEB-INF/velocity in the root of the dotCMS distribution (e.g. dotserver/tomcat-X.x.xx/webapps/ROOT). However, you may change the location of the folder by setting the value of the VELOCITY_ROOT property in the file (this is not recommended).


The property can be also set by using an environmental variable (e.g.: VELOCITY_ROOT={env:velocityPath})

Folder Creation

On startup, if the specified folder does not exist, it will be created. If the specified path can not be created for any reason, the Velocity base path will default to WEB-INF/velocity (from the root of the installation).

Folder Contents

The dotCMS distribution contains a number of Velocity files including macros (.vm), libraries (.vl), and templates (.vtl) within the Velocity system folder, and within the application and static subfolders.

These files are necessary for the proper operation of the dotCMS back-end console. They should not be removed, and if the location of the Velocity root folder is changed, these files and subfolders should all be copied to the new location.

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