Java Versioning

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2022
documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

What version of java is required to run dotCMS?

The answer varies depending on the release version of dotCMS you are running. On current agile releases, dotCMS runs, ships and tests with OpenJDK 11. Our current LTS release requires and ships with Java 8.  As a general rule, dotCMS targets OpenJDK-based “LTS” (Long Term Supported) versions of Java. 

  • LTS version - Requires Java 8
  • Agile version >= 21.05 - Require Java 11 (container ships with Java 11).

What JDK vendors does dotCMS Support?

The following companies and organizations provide long term support for Java versions based on the OpenJDK.  Although dotCMS does not explicitly test on all these releases, dotCMS does test on the standard OpenJDK release, and since all of these versions are built upon the OpenJDK, dotCMS is expected to work without issues on all of these versions.  

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