Bootcamp brings together the best and the brightest in order to share the latest strategies, insights, tips and more on both Digital Strategy and Technology Leadership topics. We’re happy to make our presentations available to our entire community of users, even those who could not attend.

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Modern Delivery: Containerization in the Enterprise

Docker (the leading Enterprise containerization platform) and orchestrators (such as Kubernetes and Swarm) empower organizations through developer self-service, application portability, scalability, and reduced operational footprint. Containerization of enterprise applications and management of those container stacks within orchestration platforms is the future of IT application deployment in increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Content: the Fuel of Awareness, Confidence and Trust

The core principals of content marketing are the same today as they have remained throughout modern history - and we can expect them to stay the same even as we move into the always-on everything-connected IoT (Internet of Things) era. We will review these principals in past, present, and future context, and how to use them to build trust with your customers and market.

Containerized dotCMS: Robust, Scalable, and Distributed Deployments with Docker and Kubernetes

Containerization offers the chance to deliver fast, robust, and scalable dotCMS deployments on-premise or in the cloud with reduced server configuration and maintenance. Join us as we discuss and demonstrate running dotCMS containers both in a developer environment with docker-compose and in Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes. We will demonstrate scaling and fault tolerance functionality with a full dotCMS container stack within Kubernetes.

dotCMS 5 Design Process: Experience Matters

dotCMS continues to improve the customer experience with every new update keeoing in mind the most important factor: People. We created this product for people and now, that people is taking an important role in our process. Learn about our internal design process and how you can also take a part in it. Your experience matters.

Developing Plugins: dotCMS 5 Best Practices and the New Plugin Certification Program

The open-source dotCMS platform and flexible plugin architecture enable you to easily extend dotCMS to add new capabilities and integrate with internal systems and external platforms. However plugins require expertise to develop, maintain, and migrate to new dotCMS versions. Learn proven approaches to plugin development and maintenance, and how the new dotCMS Plugin Certification program can help you create and maintain effective and robust customizations for your dotCMS system.

JavaScript and Accessibility: Don’t Blame the Language

There is a long-held belief among many developers that any application built using JavaScript is by definition not accessible to users with disabilities. This belief is reinforced by the rapid adoption of JavaScript frameworks and UI components that are immature, and by the corners that get cut when time to market takes priority over inclusivity. But JavaScript is not to blame! This presentation by a completely blind JavaScript developer will outline just a few things you need to know when building client-side applications with JavaScript to ensure that your applications are universally accessible.

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Deep Dive: A Look Inside the dotCMS Docker Image

Docker containerization enables you to customize and more seamlessly upgrade your own deployments by incrementally building on existing stable, maintained containers for different components in your application stack. We will do a deep dive into the dotCMS Docker container to both demonstrate how and why the dotCMS image is built, and to give you the information you need to customize your own dotCMS containers and orchestration.

Man & Machine: The Future of Content Management

Artifical Intelligence is becoming mainstream and increasingly finding its way into both our business processes and our daily lives. Join us for a presentation on how this new technology can help you to achieve your digital goals and what we envision to be a near future for dotCMS and you.

Model Upgrades: Upgrade Best Practices and Planning Your Upgrade to dotCMS 5

There are multiple approaches and considerations when planning upgrades to ensure smooth upgrades, limit administrative work, and minimize down time. We will discuss upgrades from the perspectives of system administrators, support, and development, and more.

Interactive UIs: Building with React and REST APIs in dotCMS 5

As the CMS market has evolved over the past few years, many implementations have leveraged JavaScript frameworks such as React combined with a headles API-driven approach. dotCMS partner Dept will identify how the dotCMS RESTful APIs and Layout As A Service (LaaS) features are a key differentiator that enable rich front-end framework development.

Lightweight Endpoints: Writing Custom REST Endpoints Without Java

There are several different ways to implement your own custom RESTful APIs with dotCMS, including methods that require no Java programming or plugins. We will review methods to create custom REST APIs in current versions of dotCMS, and demonstrate how the new VTL API coming in dotCMS 5.1 will enable you to easily create your own high performance custom REST endpoints by leveraging all the power of dotCMS's rendering layer to both deliver custom objects and write and modify content in dotCMS.

From Alexa to AI: Rethinking Your Content as Dialogue Using a Headless Strategy

Emerging voice assistant and AI technologies are enabling a paradigm shift from users receiving only the content directly presented to them, to one in which users engage with content in a dialogue or conversational format. These technologies are gaining acceptance rapidy, and content creators and stewards need to keep up with the best practices surrounding these new devices and find ways to make current content available through them. In this presentation we will explore the opportunities and challenges with providing content through these voice and AI based assistants, both generally and with dotCMS.

Single Page Applications: Building Responsive, Dynamic SPAs in dotCMS

Learn how to leverage the dotCMS 5 APIs to create single page applications that are data-driven, accessible, and work on any device. Dynamit's John Hartley will walk through basic SPA considerations, responsive concepts, and tools for working with the REST APIs that come out of the box. Code snippets, demos, and custom API creation will also be covered in this talk aimed at beginner and intermediate technical audiences.

Extending dotCMS: Case Studies of Implementing Custom Capabilities and Tools

For more than 10 years, Ethode has been on the forefront of the evolving needs and requirements of dotCMS implementation projects. In this session, Ethode will take you through several real-world use-cases involving significant implementation challenges, and how these problems were solved through the use of custom tooling, in-browser velocity code testing, bulk importing, content management tools, security configuration and more.

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UI/UX: Customer Feedback Workshop

Join our experts on an relaxed conversation about your needs and expectations regarding dotCMS User Interface and User Experience. Help us define the future of dotCMS!

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Headless, Orchestrated and Integrated: Integrating dotCMS into Your Content Infrastructure

A 10+ year veteran of dotCMS implementations, Architech continues to address the evolving needs and requirements of utilizing content management platforms and infrastructure as the centerpiece of the customer's digital and overall experience. In this session Architech will share implementation strategies and details of a number of use cases from recently completed projects including: Headless CMS strategies, K8S orchestration, DAM integrations.


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