The IoT Era is Bringing Digital Accessibility Beyond Pure Compliance

Jan 06, 2019

dotCMS, a key player in content management and digital experience software, together with Myplanet, a software studio headquartered in Toronto, are hosting an in-depth webinar to show how forward-thinking brands are using IoT devices to bring their digital accessibility experiences above and beyond pure compliance.

From smart speakers to wearable technology, new touch points are now constantly emerging–bringing fresh touch points to the customer journey on a regular basis. While this constantly evolving environment gives brands the opportunity to innovate and delight their audiences with cutting-edge digital experiences, it also poses problems to those brands that still struggle with basic website accessibility. For those companies, the prospect of making their entire digital offering accessible to those with disabilities and impairments may seem impossible.

“We’re excited to present alongside the folks at Myplanet who have hands-on expertise using content management platforms, like dotCMS, to create accessible experiences for their customers on IoT devices,” said Stefan Schinkel, Enterprise Sales, dotCMS. “They’ve got a unique take on smart interface design and development and how it can be leveraged to address accessibility in the IoT era.”

Join dotCMS and Myplanet for this informative webinar, Thursday, January 31st at 11am EST / 8am PST. Register here:

About Myplanet

Myplanet is a software studio. We’re an integrated team of designers and developers making smarter interfaces to empower your employees and engage your customers.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with sophisticated content requirements create, manage and deliver content anywhere. The dotCMS platform is best suited for organizations across industries who manage multiple brands, websites, workflows and content types across multiple languages, and need a platform that is secure and scalable for a development team to work with, but also has intuitive editing tools for content and marketing teams to manage their mission-critical content.

Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Greensky, Chewy and Comcast have chosen dotCMS as their primary platform to scale their content operations and empower their marketing teams so they can reduce developer dependency, enabling teams to go-to-market faster, without sacrificing the flexibility and security of their CMS.