New UI / UX Unveiled in dotCMS 4.x Series

Mar 19, 2017

dotCMS, a leading edge, open-source Java based content management platform, is proud to announce the launch of their new UI/UX with the unveiling of dotCMS 4.0. Built using Angular 2 JS and coupled with inspiration from the concepts of Google’s Material Design, this anticipated major version release introduces the dotCMS 4.x series, focusing on the redesign and advancement of the platform’s UI/UX.

“We’ve been working hard to create an updated product UI that takes advantage of some of the latest trends as well as emphasize what matters most: a better user experience.” said Jason Smith, dotCMS Chief Creative Officer. “This is only the first step of an agile process rollout as we continue to unveil the new redesign in the 4.x series throughout 2017.”

The first release in the 4.x series is inclusive of enhancements to the platform aimed at increasing usability, efficiency, and all around improved user experience. A notable enhancement in 4.0 is the single page app layout that allows for a consistent menu on all pages. The seamless experience a constant menu provides is an improved experience from past versions that required users to migrate between sections to complete tasks. This new improvement will be especially welcomed by content editors.

Users will notice new notifications at the top of the page with the single page app layout. These are comparable to the notifications on smartphones and inform users when tasks are completed. In addition, a new centralized “Actions Button” provides users quick access to their most recent content and widgets, pages, files, and personas. The “Actions Button” improves the editor’s ability to quickly access the platform and post new content, pages etc. Moreover, a fully manageable and customizable device preview allows editors to preview content on mobile in addition to desktop.

Smith emphasized, “We knew a new UI was important to our customers, especially content editors, but we wanted it to be much more than just a simple reskin. While we did update the look and feel, we also centralized tasks, added new ways for users to easily track their pending projects, and more. Launching our redesign as a series instead of all at once allows us to give our customers the efficiency that they’re looking for while constantly improving our product.”

dotCMS 4.0 is now available for download and can be viewed on the dotCMS demo site at

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About dotCMS

dotCMS is the most agile, scalable and secure content management system for enterprise. Built on leading Java technology, dotCMS is an open-source, hybrid-headless content management system that gives developers the flexibility of a headless CMS while equipping marketers with no-code visual content authoring.  Whether you're building a network of global websites, an employee intranet, customer portal, or single page web application, dotCMS helps you manage content, images, and assets in one centralized location and deliver them to any channel.

Founded in 2003, dotCMS is a privately held US company with a global network of certified development partners and an active open source community. dotCMS has generated millions of downloads and more than 100,000 implementations and integration projects worldwide. Notable customers include: Telus, Standard & Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Dairy Queen, City Furniture, Varo Bank, Lennox International, Firstmac and Newell Brands.