Fuel Digital and dotCMS Announce Partnership

Jan 23, 2018

Fuel Digital, an end-to-end digital services provider, and dotCMS, a leading Java-based content management system, announced they have entered into a partnership agreement to support dotCMS’s rapid growth in the US.

“At the heart of everything we do is our unrelenting drive to create more meaningful experiences. That doesn’t stop with the consumer,” said Bill Buell, Chief Digital Officer at Fuel Digital. “It’s how we collaborate with our customers and partners. We service a diverse set of customers across marketing and IT, including the Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Energy, and Association/Non-Profit verticals. They have complex needs and are often weighed down with cumbersome platforms that don’t provide the flexibility they need. dotCMS is a nimble platform that allows us to put control back into the hands of the business. We are excited about the continued growth and evolution of dotCMS and are thrilled about the partnership. Together we can serve our customers needs across web, mobile and connected experiences.”

"Fuel Digital is a perfect example of the type of company we strive to work with. They listen to the customer and identify disruptive technologies, like our platform, that cater to both creative contributors and IT requirements.” said Stefan Schinkel, Chief Sales Officer at dotCMS. “Today’s agencies need to be both technical and creative, and Fuel Digital provides that full spectrum of services."

About Fuel Digital

Fuel Digital is a digital services provider in Richmond, Virginia. They were founded on the belief that through a combination of goal-oriented design and meaningful insights, brands can find deeper ways to connect with people. Fuel Digital brings together creative and user experience expertise with deep technical skill to offer end-to-end solutions. 

Fuel Digital is dedicated to creating digital products and platforms that matter. Core service offerings include Research and Measurement, Strategy Consulting, Experience Design, and Software Engineering.  Learn more about Fuel Digital at

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with multiple brands, subsidiaries, and franchises manage, optimize, and scale content across languages and channels.  Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Firstmac, Telus, and Comcast have chosen dotCMS for its unique ability to manage thousands of sites and consolidate multiple CMSs onto a single, unified instance of dotCMS to streamline content management across teams while saving money on platform costs.

dotCMS’ universal approach to content management also means that companies have the choice to deliver content traditionally or headlessly. Headless developers can work within the front-end framework of choice while still providing marketers with visual editing tools so they can go to market with their business-critical content and decrease their dependency on technical teams.

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