dotCMS Unveils Major Updates to the Content Authoring Experience

Jun 30, 2022

dotCMS, a leading hybrid-headless content management system, has announced the latest edition of the platform, which includes a new drag and drop content palette and story-like block editor, along with other enhancements to the content authoring experience. These product updates come on the heels of dotCMS’ best year yet in 2021, with that momentum driving an even better 2022 for the enterprise-grade CMS. 

Enterprise organizations are embracing the notion of MACH architecture and composability. While microservices-based headless architecture brings many benefits and allows developers a great deal of freedom, brands cannot ignore the needs of their content authors who are often forgotten in the move to headless.  

The new dotCMS content palette with drag-and-drop makes page building easier and improves the flow of content editing. In addition, the latest LTS version of dotCMS (22.03) features a JSON-Based Content Store and improved content search results. 

With dotCMS 22.05 and 22.06, a significant new block editor is introduced.  Inspired by such interfaces as WordPress's Gutenberg Editor, the dotCMS Block Editor is an easy-to-use, feature-rich interface for creating and editing content — whether text, images, or any other custom content defined through dotCMS. The dotCMS Block Editor can be used headlessly or on traditional pages. 

“The content authoring experience has been a major focus for dotCMS,” says Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS. “These new features lay the groundwork for collaborative content editing, which is the holy grail of where we’re going.”

Further agile improvements to the product include a secure password generator, rules-based URL rewrites, and headless widget support. Future releases will include easy copying of content types and page-based experiments for testing and personalization. In the coming weeks, dotCMS will release a new public roadmap based on extensive customer feedback, which will guide product development and help organizations plan their digital strategies.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with sophisticated content requirements create, manage and deliver content anywhere. The dotCMS platform is best suited for organizations across industries who manage multiple brands, websites, workflows and content types across multiple languages, and need a platform that is secure and scalable for a development team to work with, but also has intuitive editing tools for content and marketing teams to manage their mission-critical content.

Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Greensky, Chewy and Comcast have chosen dotCMS as their primary platform to scale their content operations and empower their marketing teams so they can reduce developer dependency, enabling teams to go-to-market faster, without sacrificing the flexibility and security of their CMS.