dotCMS Releases 2.1

Jul 23, 2012

Miami, Florida | Boston, Massachusetts – July 24, 2012 – dotCMS, an open source, Java-based web content management system, is pleased to announce the release of v2.1.  This latest release continues the momentum in providing a robust enterprise platform for both commercial-grade and multi-tenant content driven web applications. 

 “This release is only the beginning of our plans to push and improve our currently successful dotCMS 2-Series product offering.” announce Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS. “dotCMS R&D is moving at a solid and steady pace in building more manageable, usable tools and functionality on an already proven platform that provides one the most scalable, powerful and easy-to-use web content management platforms in the marketplace today.”

Overview of Changes

Site Search (Enterprise)

  • dotCMS 2.1 ships with a brand new Site Search, complete with backend UI and frontend tools.
  • Indexes all popular office document formats, pdfs, pages and content.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports full and incremental index updates.
  • Supports multiple Search Indices for different subsections of content or sites, with various include/exclude patterns.
  • Index can be backed up and restored from the command line.
  • Supports facets

Scheduled Workflow Tasks (Enterprise)

  • Scheduled Task Automation Added to Workflow - Within a step you can now schedule a Workflow Action to automatically execute if the task remains on that step for a certain length of time.  This allows you to create automatic review dates for content, escalate content stalled in workflow or perform any other workflow action on a timed basis. 
  • Workflow search has been improved allowing you to find tasks older than a specified date.

Easier Administration and Manageability

  • You can now get Index Details and Cluster Statistics by highlighting over the Cluster Health Bar under CMS Maintenance.
  • It is now possible to get a list of users currently logged in from the CMS Maintenance tool.
  • It is now possible to get a Thread Dump from the CMS Maintenance tool.
  • MySQL no longer requires lowercase table names be set nor bin logging to be off.

Content Improvements 

  • Via a REST URL you can now retrieve and search for content. Results can be XML or JSON.
  • dotCMS now ships with a 508/WCAG Accessibility Checker. This functionality is built directly into the WYSIWYG editor. Look for the green check mark icon in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Binary Content - Will now attempt to use Hard Links for file storage.

Remote Widgets

  • dotCMS Widgets can be delivered into 3rd party and remote systems using a high performance restful API, as either code snippets or as full blown applications.

Integrated Help System

  • dotCMS has started a Help System built into the backend.
  • Users will be able to get documentation help on areas of dotCMS linked directly from the dotCMS backend.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with multiple brands, subsidiaries, and franchises manage, optimize, and scale content across languages and channels.  Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Firstmac, Telus, and Comcast have chosen dotCMS for its unique ability to manage thousands of sites and consolidate multiple CMSs onto a single, unified instance of dotCMS to streamline content management across teams while saving money on platform costs.

dotCMS’ universal approach to content management also means that companies have the choice to deliver content traditionally or headlessly. Headless developers can work within the front-end framework of choice while still providing marketers with visual editing tools so they can go to market with their business-critical content and decrease their dependency on technical teams.