dotCMS Releases 2.1

Jul 23, 2012

Miami, Florida | Boston, Massachusetts – July 24, 2012 – dotCMS, an open source, Java-based web content management system, is pleased to announce the release of v2.1.  This latest release continues the momentum in providing a robust enterprise platform for both commercial-grade and multi-tenant content driven web applications. 

 “This release is only the beginning of our plans to push and improve our currently successful dotCMS 2-Series product offering.” announce Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS. “dotCMS R&D is moving at a solid and steady pace in building more manageable, usable tools and functionality on an already proven platform that provides one the most scalable, powerful and easy-to-use web content management platforms in the marketplace today.”

Overview of Changes

Site Search (Enterprise)

  • dotCMS 2.1 ships with a brand new Site Search, complete with backend UI and frontend tools.
  • Indexes all popular office document formats, pdfs, pages and content.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Supports full and incremental index updates.
  • Supports multiple Search Indices for different subsections of content or sites, with various include/exclude patterns.
  • Index can be backed up and restored from the command line.
  • Supports facets

Scheduled Workflow Tasks (Enterprise)

  • Scheduled Task Automation Added to Workflow - Within a step you can now schedule a Workflow Action to automatically execute if the task remains on that step for a certain length of time.  This allows you to create automatic review dates for content, escalate content stalled in workflow or perform any other workflow action on a timed basis. 
  • Workflow search has been improved allowing you to find tasks older than a specified date.

Easier Administration and Manageability

  • You can now get Index Details and Cluster Statistics by highlighting over the Cluster Health Bar under CMS Maintenance.
  • It is now possible to get a list of users currently logged in from the CMS Maintenance tool.
  • It is now possible to get a Thread Dump from the CMS Maintenance tool.
  • MySQL no longer requires lowercase table names be set nor bin logging to be off.

Content Improvements 

  • Via a REST URL you can now retrieve and search for content. Results can be XML or JSON.
  • dotCMS now ships with a 508/WCAG Accessibility Checker. This functionality is built directly into the WYSIWYG editor. Look for the green check mark icon in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Binary Content - Will now attempt to use Hard Links for file storage.

Remote Widgets

  • dotCMS Widgets can be delivered into 3rd party and remote systems using a high performance restful API, as either code snippets or as full blown applications.

Integrated Help System

  • dotCMS has started a Help System built into the backend.
  • Users will be able to get documentation help on areas of dotCMS linked directly from the dotCMS backend.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a leading, open source content and customer experience management platform for companies that want innovation and performance driving their websites and other content-driven applications. Extensible and massively scalable, both small and large organizations can rapidly deliver personalized and engaging content across browsers, mobile devices, channels, second screens and endpoints -- all from a single system.

Founded in 2003, dotCMS is a privately owned US company with offices in Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and San Jose, Costa Rica. With a global network of certified development partners and an active open source community, dotCMS has generated more than a half-million downloads and thousands of implementations and integration projects worldwide. Notable dotCMS customers include: Telus, Standard & Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, DirecTV, Thomson Reuters, China Mobile, Aon, and DriveTest Ontario.