dotCMS On Record Pace for Growth in 2011

Oct 09, 2011

Miami, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts – October 10, 2011 – dotCMS, an enterprise-level, open source J2EE/Java-based web content management system, announced record revenue growth in licensing and strong operating results for the first three quarters of 2011.  With the dotCMS 1.9 series taking hold in the marketplace as well as solid customer renewals, licensing revenue has already increased to more than 190% from 2010 sales.  With one more quarter to complete in 2011, dotCMS is on pace to exceed 200% growth rate.

“With the dotCMS 1.9’s rapid development platform and powerful multi-tenant management capabilities, we are meeting and exceeding the enterprise-level requirements of most organizations,” said William Ezell, Chief Technology Officer of dotCMS.  “We have enjoyed the role of disrupting the CMS marketplace this year as we find ourselves on equal footing with most of the traditional Java-based web content management systems out there.  I believe we have surprised a lot of people.“

Customer Success Highlights

Since introducing the dotCMS 1.9 series in the summer of 2010, the open source software company has experienced an influx of product downloads and free trial evaluation inquiries that resulted in an accelerated growth of new customer license acquisitions.  Furthermore, dotCMS maintained a 98% retention rate in 2011 of existing customer license renewals.

Selected highlights 1.9 customers in major IT markets Include:

  • Europe:  Aon, Thomson Reuters, Novartis, Sygma and Avery-Zweckform
  • United States:  Hospital Corporation of America, Standard & Poors, Panasonic Corporation and
  • Canada: The National Archives of Québec (BAnQ) and The National Parks of Québec (SEPAQ)
  • Asia: Toyota and Honda (Malaysia)
  • Australia:  iSelect Insurance and Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA)

Product and Service Leadership Highlights

  • Since the dotCMS 1.9 series was launched in July 2010, the open source software company has rolled out 6 incremental releases (adding new functionality as well as updates and patches) including: 1.9.1; 1.9.2;; 1.9.3; and  dotCMS will be releasing 1.9.4 in October 2011. 
  • In 2011, dotCMS has revamped the Help Desk Support and Remote Administrative Service (RAS) offerings to provide enhanced coverage and access to dotCMS engineers.   As a result, Support and RAS revenues have tripled in 2011. 
  • dotCMS 2.0 is in current development and will be made available in the 1st QTR of 2012.  New features will include: advanced workflow allowing for multistage and multi approvers as well as the ability to create custom actions; clustered content index speeds for content import and delivery; files and binary assets will become customizable content types (with all metadata and file content stored and searchable in the content index) and improved and normalized data model for enhanced data integrity and greater scalability

Business Highlights

  • KonaKart (e-commerce) and dotCMS joined forces to rollout a comprehensive, CMS-driven e-commerce. Both organizations worked closely together to design and implement the proper architecture and development of an integrated tool-set, with workflows and templates, that would provide a seamless presentation layer across an e-commerce platform.
  • Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) teamed up with dotCMS in 2010 to build one of the most powerful and comprehensive multi-tenant CMS platforms in the marketplace today.  In 2011, HCA has launched more than 750 hospital and physician practice web sites on ONE instance of dotCMS.
  • Standard & Poors has partnered with dotCMS to develop a more advanced and customizable workflow engine that will be available to all Enterprise customers in the 1st QTR of 2012.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a leading, open source content and customer experience management platform for companies that want innovation and performance driving their websites and other content-driven applications. Extensible and massively scalable, both small and large organizations can rapidly deliver personalized and engaging content across browsers, mobile devices, channels, second screens and endpoints -- all from a single system.

Founded in 2003, dotCMS is a privately owned US company with offices in Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and San Jose, Costa Rica. With a global network of certified development partners and an active open source community, dotCMS has generated more than a half-million downloads and thousands of implementations and integration projects worldwide. Notable dotCMS customers include: Telus, Standard & Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, DirecTV, Thomson Reuters, China Mobile, Aon, and DriveTest Ontario.