dotCMS Launches v1.9

Jul 26, 2010

Miami, FL – 27 July 2010 – dotCMS today announced the availability of v1.9. The latest web content management system (WCM) version from dotCMS is available in the Community Edition and three Enterprise Editions; Standard, Pro and Prime.

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Currently, 93 sites worldwide are running on the Enterprise Editions of dotCMS 1.9, leveraging new features such as multi-tenant, form builder and a new UI. Over the past few months, a number of organizations participated as early adopters, building new sites with 1.9. Together, dotCMS and the early adopters worked closely on developing and implementing, collaborating and improving the product in real time. These early stage implementations assure future customers and prospects of a higher quality implementation. A sampling of some of the 93 live sites include:

Bridging the Talent GulfA vast majority of large enterprise Web Teams do not include a Java developer – precisely the type of talent required to make common site changes such as new templates, page layout modifications and the creation of a custom data type. Without ready access to Java talent, a Web Team becomes hampered, unable to implement change at the pace required by the business.  dotCMS 1.9 addresses this talent gulf by driving the responsibility of system and functionality change to the web developer. Those with HTML, CSS and scripting skills now hold the reins in a dotCMS implementation.  dotCMS engineers have created data and HTML-driven commands within the product to help Web Developers enact a majority of the changes required by dynamic markets. 


“No one in the WCM market combines full Enterprise strength with such presentation layer flexibility – all without the need of a Java developer,” commented Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS. “The most effective way to help our clients react quickly to business opportunities is to minimize the overall importance of a resource bottleneck – the java developer - and shift the burden to a more readily available and less expensive resource on the web team – the web developer.  By addressing this Talent Gulf in dotCMS, our clients can close the gap between the speed of business and the speed of online change.”

New Features within v1.9

The latest release was developed for Enterprise-grade segment of the CMS market, supports Cloud hosting and includes the following new features:

Multi-site/Multi-tenant – Run hundreds of sites off one instance, and use permissions to define editing rights by site, section or page. The new Copy Host feature allows Web Teams to quickly create a new site based on an existing site, make modifications and launch. SUDO Login gives power administrators the ability to see the UI of other users, taking the guesswork out of support.  

Entirely new UI – The administrative interface in 1.9 is new from the ground up. Familiar processes, nomenclature and in-context editing are part of this release.

Form Builder – Using a series of drop down menus, those without technical skills can build a forms-driven page. Build rich, step-by-step forms, surveys, polls or other user generated content UIs.

Enterprise Grade db and App Server Support – The Enterprise Editions of dotCMS 1.9 run on Oracle, MS SQL, Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss and Glassfish.

Scripting Support – dotCMS 1.9 supports PHP, Groovy, Python and Ruby. This feature dramatically expands the talent pool that can implement and impact change in 1.9.

Content Integration – dotCMS is the first CMS to be CMIS 1.0 compliant. Combined with JSON, RSS and Web Services, 1.9 can push your content out or pull 3rd party content in.

A New Licensing Model

dotCMS offers four products; Community, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Pro, and Enterprise Prime. The Community Edition is licensed under GPL 2.0.

All Enterprise products are covered by the new dotCMS Open License. This license not only provides access to the Enterprise source code and updates, but waives the requirement to return or share any modifications to code with the community. This allows organizations to protect their IP as they build capabilities and applications on top of dotCMS.

Additionally, the purchase of any Enterprise Edition provides clients with access to dotCMS Professional Services, Support and Training.  A warranty covers all bugs and dotCMS provides indemnification for Enterprise clients.

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with multiple brands, subsidiaries and franchises, manage, optimize and scale content across languages and channels. Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Firstmac, Telus and Comcast have chosen dotCMS for its unique ability to manage thousands of sites and consolidate multiple CMS' onto a single, unified instance of dotCMS to streamline content operations across teams while saving money on platform costs.

dotCMS' hybrid approach to content management also means that companies have the choice to deliver content traditionally or headlessly. Headless developers can work within the front-end framework of choice, while still providing marketers with visual editing tools so they can go-to-market with their business-critical content and decrease their dependency on technical teams.