dotCMS Gets Ready for Next Growth Stage

Nov 17, 2020

BOSTON, MA (October 21, 2020) -- dotCMS, a leading open source content management platform, today announced a series of changes designed to advance the future of the dotCMS product and the services offered around the product. The changes enable dotCMS to have more focus on its Cloud & API-first agenda and continue to deliver on its roadmap and products.

“The growing demand for professional services and custom product development for on premise customers has motivated us to focus our operations on our successful product and thus spin-off professional services as a separate business,” said Will Ezell, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at dotCMS. “The new company, known as Motiv Solutions (Motiv), will operate as a partner to meet the important needs of dotCMS customers looking to extend their use of dotCMS with custom consulting, services and support.

The Motiv team will be staffed by dotCMS veterans that have been focused on servicing and assisting the company’s diverse customer base of 150+ enterprise content management software accounts.

dotCMS customers build integrated platforms that run on cloud stacks, are API-first and require continuous development and deployment to stay ahead of the competition. This new structure enables that investment in different areas of growth for both entities.

“Today’s marketplace demands system expertise when it comes to driving customer experiences and business outcomes, ,” said Jason Smith, co-founder and Chief User Experience Officer at dotCMS. “Re-organizing the services for dotCMS customers within Motiv, will guarantee continued services for non-standard and bespoke on-premise deployments of our product.”

While Motiv will be operating as a separate business, the team will continue to honor and operate under all current licensing and support agreements and existing master services agreements in place (under dotCMS Services LLC).

About dotCMS

dotCMS is a content management system that helps global enterprises with sophisticated content requirements create, manage and deliver content anywhere. The dotCMS platform is best suited for organizations across industries who manage multiple brands, websites, workflows and content types across multiple languages, and need a platform that is secure and scalable for a development team to work with, but also has intuitive editing tools for content and marketing teams to manage their mission-critical content.

Brands such as Dairy Queen, Newell, Greensky, Chewy and Comcast have chosen dotCMS as their primary platform to scale their content operations and empower their marketing teams so they can reduce developer dependency, enabling teams to go-to-market faster, without sacrificing the flexibility and security of their CMS.