DotCMS Empowers Digital Teams with Targeted Content and Personalization for Improved Customer Experience Management 

Apr 19, 2016

MIAMI, April 20, 2016 /Company website/ -- DotCMS, makers of the popular Java open source content management and digital experience platform, today announced the release of version 3.5 of dotCMS. DotCMS 3.5 is a major update featuring new capabilities aimed at helping modern digital teams build dynamic personalized customer experiences.

With the introduction of version 3.5, dotCMS is taking several steps forward in addressing the emerging needs of modern digital teams in customer experience management (CEM). Key new features of the update are centered around improving user experiences with targeted content, rules, personas and personalization tools that are easily employed out of the box by digital marketers and fully customizable with open APIs by developers.

dotcms-cmsDotCMS personalization features help marketers and user experience designers build more relevant customer interactions and personalized user experiences. From a business value perspective, the new software provides digital teams with an immediate and direct way to improve user experiences across their digital properties and campaigns, leading to higher conversion and engagement rates.

“We designed our Rule Builder, personas, targeted content and personalization capabilities fully intending them to be readily usable by everyday digital marketing teams, without requiring developer muscle,” said dotCMS CTO, Will Ezell. “At the same time we didn’t forget developers. Supporting our everything-is-content philosophy, targeted content, rules and personalized digital experiences can be fully customized or extended using dotCMS built in APIs for more complex interactions or integrations with third party systems.”

“With dotCMS 3.5, we’re breaking down traditional barriers in digital experience management. We’re now delivering features that are not usually available or easily accessible to marketers in other systems,” said, Tim Brigham, dotCMS, CEO. “We have a proven track record of being able to balance dependencies among technical and non-technical stakeholders in digital experience management. The flexible features sets presented in dotCMS 3.5 are a demonstration and proof of our commitment to empowering the entire digital team with the tools they need to get results.”

Last year dotCMS introduced dotCMS Enterprise Cloud -- the fully customizable software as a service content management system and digital experience platform. Targeted to IT and business planners seeking to lower total cost of ownership and reduce their IT footprint, dotCMS Enterprise Cloud provides a comprehensive SaaS CMS and DX solution. The SaaS offering also gained traction with developers looking for a low/no maintenance, industry standard platform for content management and digital experience development. With the new release today, dotCMS 3.5 rounds out the company's offerings even more broadly with a feature set targeted to modern digital marketers and CEM teams.

Earlier this year dotCMS released the beta version of 3.5, intended for new users, partners and proof of concept projects. The beta gave them a solid look at the new features and a head start in using dotCMS personalization. Feedback from the beta offering was strong. Madhu Subramanian, VP of San Francisco based digital consultancy, Hero, a dotCMS Gold Partner commented, "dotCMS has taken a major step forward in digital experience management. The new built-in segmentation rule builder plus personalization features that are part of the core platform are a key enabler for digital agencies. The new features empower marketing teams to offer rich, personalized, tailored content to their user base. Providing different user personas and customer journey mappings across different digital touch points lines up well with what digital teams are looking for. The new release positions dotCMS at a new level, differentiated from rest of the competition and emerging as a digital marketing product leader."

DotCMS CMO, Jason Smith commented, “Even though we’re the developers, we’re also users of dotCMS. As we started working with the new personalization, rules, and targeted content features it gave us a great opportunity to re-assess all of our online interactions. The impact in our own company was unexpected. It’s been a catalyst for us to take a more personalized approach in our content delivery and lead generation. We’re getting to know our prospects better and sooner, which is always beneficial. Our own implementation of dotCMS 3.5 is turning the idea and practice of customer experience management into real sales results. We’re thinking dotCMS 3.5 will have the same impact on our customers.”

Being open source software, dotCMS and the new 3.5 features are freely available for anyone to try by downloading the software from the dotCMS website. No additional software or add-on modules need to be purchased with the upgrade as all the new targeted content and personalization features are fully incorporated in all dotCMS Enterprise Editions.

The new dotCMS 3.5 software is available for download here:

About dotCMS

dotCMS is the most agile, scalable and secure content management system for enterprise. Built on leading Java technology, dotCMS is an open-source, hybrid-headless content management system that gives developers the flexibility of a headless CMS while equipping marketers with no-code visual content authoring.  Whether you're building a network of global websites, an employee intranet, customer portal, or single page web application, dotCMS helps you manage content, images, and assets in one centralized location and deliver them to any channel.

Founded in 2003, dotCMS is a privately held US company with a global network of certified development partners and an active open source community. dotCMS has generated millions of downloads and more than 100,000 implementations and integration projects worldwide. Notable customers include: Telus, Standard & Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Dairy Queen, City Furniture, Varo Bank, Lennox International, Firstmac and Newell Brands.