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Sep 02, 2014

dotCMS announces new partnership with Azul Systems

dotCMS announces a new technology alliance partnership with Azul Systems, makers of Zing, the supercharged JVM

Jul 20, 2014

dotCMS Releases version 2.5.6

Released July 19th, 2014, this update is primarily focused around improvements and fixes related to the Dotcms advanced feature: Push Publishing.

Sep 23, 2013

dotCMS 2.5 opens a world of easy-to-deploy and powerful push publishing architectures in the cloud.

Push Spring Web and OSGi applications - Remotely publish web applications, which can include Spring Web Apps, content, assets or code between environments.

May 06, 2013

dotCMS 2.3 : Responsive Design, Theme Library and new Developer Tooling

dotCMS 2.3 Raises the Bar with Responsive Design, Theme Library, TimeMachine and new Developer Tooling

Oct 09, 2012

dotCMS Releases version 2.2

dotCMS Releases version 2.2 - with dynamic plugins, bootstrap based starter site, and many new features

Sep 18, 2012

BootCamp 2012 Features Serious Talent in the dotCMS Community of Developers

Orlando, Florida – September 18, 2012 – BootCamp 2012 has set the stage for two days of showcasing some of the best talent and freshest implementations of dotCMS to date. From some of our seasoned veterans to impressive newcomers in the dotCMS community

Jul 23, 2012

dotCMS Releases 2.1

dotCMS v2.1 released. This latest release continues the momentum in providing a robust enterprise platform for both commercial-grade and multi-tenant content driven web applications.

Jun 12, 2012

dotCMS BootCamp 2012

dotCMS will host its fifth annual dotCMS BootCamp conference at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida on October 17 - 19, 2012. This year's conference is a comprehensive exploration and discussion on the dotCMS 2.0 series.

May 03, 2012

dotCMS 2.0 Raises the Bar in Java-based Web Content Management

New Workflow Engine, UI Improvements, Enhanced Metadata Extraction/Indexing, API Improvements, ElasticSearch, Solr Plugin, Spring MVC Support, OSGI Support

Mar 04, 2012

dotCMS has launched their new Code Share repository

Contributors will be able to search/share HTML, Velocity and other code examples being deployed across thousands of diverse industries, practices and implementations.