Task Performance Indicator: Measuring Customer Experience

On-demand Webinar

How can you reliably measure the performance of your customers' top tasks?

The Task Performance Indicator is driven by two key metrics: 'success rate' and 'time-in-task'. By evaluating two essential metrics you can build the foundation for a solid, reliable management model or "Task Performance Indicator," that offers insight into what is most important to your customers.

Join CMSWire, Gerry McGovern, founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, and J. Robert Slaughter of dotCMS, for a live, hour-long webinar to develop an understanding of these time-proven techniques that will help you measure your customers' experience and provide hard data that underscores how increasing success and reducing time has positive impacts on revenue and costs.

Gerry McGovern’s Top Tasks methods have been used by organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Google, the European Union, Canadian Government and hundreds of others. 

This on-demand webinar highlights the following techniques:

  • How to develop task instructions—a particularly important skill to develop
  • A step-by-step facilitator guide of how to run remote observation sessions of customers attempting to perform the tasks
  • How to analyze and present results in a way that is understandable and actionable for management