Static Publishing with Amazon's S3 and dotCMS

On-demand Webinar

Static Publishing

The ability to statically publish files, content, and sites to Amazon’s S3 reveals a world of possibilities for dotCMS customers who can immediately take advantage of this capability.

Setting up a dotCMS site or sites for static publishing is UI-based and requires zero development skills or IT involvement. Once setup, the static S3 sites can be used as a CDN for website acceleration, disaster recovery, or as point in time archival purposes. Publishing content (e.g. files, pages) to S3 can be tied into dotCMS workflows and the static publishing or unpublishing of content can be scheduled for future dates.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Accelerate your current website using Amazon's Cloudfront as a CDN
  • How to deploy entire dotCMS sites to Amazon S3
  • The many benefits of static: improved performance, disaster recovery, & more
  • Q&A session with dotCMS developers to answer your static publishing questions