Improving Customer Experience: Top Task Identification

On-demand Webinar

How to identify what truly matters to your customers—and what doesn’t

The Top Tasks Identification methodology helps you clearly identify the top tasks of your customers and the tiny tasks too. It is about developing clear, data-based evidence regarding what is important and what is not important to your customers. It's about prioritization and true focus on customer experience.

Gerry McGovern’s Top Tasks methods have been used by organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Google, the European Union, Canadian Government and hundreds of others.

Join CMSWire, Gerry McGovern, founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, and J. Robert Slaughter of dotCMS, to learn how to better understand and empathize with your customers, identify and manage customer tasks and defend your decisions based on clear evidence. All while delivering to your customers what they want and need.

This webinar on-demand highlights:

  • How to avoid living in a customer experience bubble
  • Choosing what works for the customer based on constant feedback and iteration
  • Why agility is the most important factor in the evolution of digital ecosystems

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