Customer Experience Architecture: Designing for the Customer

On-demand Webinar

How to create clear, easy, and customer-centric navigation.

Based on feedback and observation from hundreds of thousands of customers, the biggest contributors to a bad customer experience are confusing menus and links. Too many websites and apps are designed from an organization-centric point of view, using language and structures that just confuse the customer.

Join CMSWire, Gerry McGovern, founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, and J. Robert Slaughter of dotCMS, in this on-demand webinar on how to design a true customer architecture—a navigation and information architecture that is truly customer-centric. Using Top Tasks data, you will learn how to design with your customers, a truly intuitive digital customer architecture.

Customer architecture is a rigorous methodology that has been used by organizations such as Toyota, Cisco and the European Union to streamline and improve customer experience. 

This webinar on-demand highlights the following techniques:

  • Take the top tasks of your customers and sort and organize a representative sample
  • Develop a hypothetical classification from this sorting data
  • Test this classification with another sample of customers based on specific tasks
  • Aim for a 80%-90% first click success rate with clear and easy navigation