Content & Commerce: Data-Driven Customer Experiences Through Microservices

On-demand Webinar

Key Considerations When Rethinking and Evaluating Experience Orchestration for Retailers

The complexity and sophistication of digital commerce is reaching new levels as more transactions are executed online through apps, microsites, and websites. At the same time, eCommerce giants like Amazon continue to disrupt the retail industry, making it difficult for many companies to compete on pricing and distribution. How can they retain existing customers and win new customers in this new reality? Building the right digital experience platform to implement flexible, data-driven customer experiences is what leading businesses are doing - with great success.

In this webinar, we’ll address key considerations when rethinking and evaluating experience orchestration for retailers. How can existing technology be leveraged effectively without a complete overhaul / re-platforming? What type of solution provides short-term ROI, while laying the groundwork for scalable growth? How can this help eCommerce & digital marketing teams address core pain points, and create new opportunities for building more profitable customer relationships?

Join David Ebel, CEO of Sebae Group, and Stefan Schinkel, Chief Sales Officer of dotCMS, as they provide actionable insights for both business and marketing teams.

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