Building and Managing Single Page Apps in dotCMS

On-demand Webinar

Single Page Applications (SPA) have grown in popularity recently due to their improved application performance and consistency as well as the reduced development time and infrastructure costs. Along with newer JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, SPAs are becoming the go-to for enterprises who are looking to decouple their content and presentation layers (i.e. go headless!) and are looking for a speedy dynamic experience for their users.

Watch now for an informative webinar on Single Page Applications and dotCMS. We’ll discuss how we’re building out our product roadmap to encompass the SPA features that are important to you. We'll also be joined by the implementation experts at Dynamit who will review how to build and manage SPAs inside dotCMS, including real customer examples.

Register now to learn:

  • What is a Single Page Application and why they are so popular
  • How do SPAs fit into dotCMS’s product roadmap
  • How to build and manage an SPA in dotCMS
  • Real customer example of an SPA in dotCMS

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