Authenticated Applications & Secure Sign-on Through SAML

On-demand Webinar

In the digital world, security plays a huge role in authenticated business applications, more specifically, user authentication. Join us to hear from dotCMS experts on the importance of authenticated applications and authenticated experiences.

dotCMS and Ethode are pleased to announce the launch of a new SAML Authentication Module for dotCMS. With the SAML Module, dotCMS administrators can now login once and be granted access to multiple dotCMS sites, subdomains, and systems. The module will enable enterprises to avoid disruptions in their business continuity by harmonizing security across their digital platform.

During this webinar, dotCMS and Ethode will demo the SAML Module in action, showing how  users can sign into a single identity provider once to gain access to multiple sites managed inside a single dotCMS instance. Ethode will also focus on the backend administration of SAML sites, talk about support for new SAML identity providers, and improvements to how SAML configurations are cached.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why is security so important in authenticated business applications?
  • What is SAML and why is it useful?
  • How does dotCMS use SAML?
  • Demo of SAML Module

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