Upgrade to the latest Tomcat 6


The Dotcms 2.x distro is running a bit behind the latest apache tomcat 6 version and while Dotcms does not think that will cause any specific problem, you might want to upgrade your installation to a newer version.  Here are the rough steps needed to upgrade to the latest version of tomcat 6. 

  1. In your dotcms directory, move the existing $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat folder to $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat_old

  2. Download latest apache tomcat.tar.gz.

  3. Extract the latest tomcat .tar.gz, move it to $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat

  4. mv the $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat/conf and $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat/bin directories to $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat/org

  5. cp the old $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat_old/conf, $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat_old/endorsed and $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat_old/bin directories to the new $DOTCMS_HOME/tomcat directory

  6. cp -n all ./tomcat_old/lib/*.jar to ./tomcat/lib/ - DO NOT OVERWRITE the existing jars from the new tomcat download, you are just appending the missing .jars that dotCMS requires

  7. replace the code in $DOTCMS_HOME/src/com/dotmarketing/compilers/ with the code below in the code field

  8. ant clean deploy.

  9. enjoy




package com.dotmarketing.compilers;


import com.dotmarketing.exception.DotRuntimeException;

public class DotJdtCompiler {

	public static DotCompilationProblems compileClass(String mySourceFile, String myClassName, String myOutputDir)
			throws FileNotFoundException, DotRuntimeException {

		return null;