Minimal Starter Site


In the event that you want to install dotCMS with the minimal amount of content necessary (i.e. you don't need or want the default starter site), you can download this file and replace the one included with dotCMS with it. When you start up, it will deploy a barebones backend.


Here's what's there:
  • One blank template (container coded in)
  • One basic body container
  • A blank /home/ page
  • The /cmsHomePage vanity link
  • Event, News, and Product categories (I couldn't wipe the last two, because of some unknown dependency, and the former is needed with the calendar)
  • Simple Widget structure 
  • Web Page Content, Event, Building, Comments, and Host structures (I believe the building structure is needed by the events structure, and the host structure is obviously needed)
  • Admin, system, and default users
  • System roles
So what's gone? Everything else. All the other folders, pages, files, structures, content, users, roles, etc. I even stripped down the Building and Host structures to their bare essentials. Let me know if you have any requests otherwise.




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