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Tagged: "content"

Show different WYSIWYG options based on Role

Author: dotCMS |

It is easy to show different WYSIWYG options based on a users role. All you need to do is to write a plugin that overrides the file:

Getting all the content objects on a page

We have been asked repeatedly how to get a list of all the content objects that have been placed on a page by a content editor.

Show a page and content as JSON

Author: dotCMS |

This code allows you to display the page information, template information and content on the page as a json object. If you add this to the top of your...

Checkin Content from HashMap - Transactional

Author: Will Ezell |

This is a very straightforward demonstration JSP that will transactionally checkin 10 pieces of News content using the 2.1 starter site content schema.