Codeshare List of user-contributed code snippets for dotCMS Java CMS.

Author: "Alex Solorzano"

Display Related Content Listed by Categories in a Multilingual Environment

Author: Alex Solorzano | Created: Jan 11, 2013

Sometimes you want to display related content listed and classified by category in a multilingual environment.

Retrieve All Structure Names on Your System and Store them on a Drop Down List Custom Field

Author: Alex Solorzano | Created: Apr 04, 2012

This custom field retrieves all structures in your system and display their names and identifiers on a drop down.

SEO: Code to Prevent Duplicate Title Tags from Different Structures

Author: Alex Solorzano | Created: Apr 04, 2012

Sometimes two or more structures can have structure items with the same page title. Search engines may flag the pages as duplicate content.