Evaluating dotCMS

We want to make your evaluation a great experience — one that gives your stakeholders the confidence and insights they need to make a well-informed decision when considering dotCMS. We are happy to help in your CMS evaluation process.

At the end of the day, it's about what works for you.

Let's Talk

For Marketing Teams

Custom Demo

No one knows your content better than you. That's why we offer custom demos - working with your existing pages - so you can get a real taste of what it's actually like to work with dotCMS. For these demos, we recommend focusing on the pages of your site that expose the key pain points of your current solution.

Full Product Experience

In our personalized demos, we'll give a full overview of all the tools that support your day-to-day marketing efforts to give you insights into the immediate gains you'll experience when working with dotCMS - especially how our NoCode capabilities give you autonomy from IT for a positive impact on your time-to-market.

Use Case Walk-through

We take the time to make sure your most critical use cases are covered in our custom demos or guided Proof of Concepts. We'll walk you through different scenarios to show you how dotCMS tools can relieve your biggest pain points and use cases. We also offer a dotCMS Cloud sandbox where you can play around with the platform and tools on your own.

Technology Teams

Sandbox & Trial License

Whether your team is more comfortable installing dotCMS on your own servers or would prefer to leverage the dotCMS Cloud sandbox, we've got you covered. Both options give your team access to all the enterprise features that both your IT and Marketing teams will enjoy.

Guided Proof of Concept

We know that developers like to dive in and get their hands dirty in order to really evaluate a new technology. This is why we offer guided proof of concepts where we'll point you in the right direction, based on your use cases and technology architecture, to help you optimize your evaluation, focusing on the features and functionality that matter most.

Online Training

Every new technology requires some training, which is why we've invested in offering online training for every CMS stakeholder — completely free. This expert-lead training speeds up implementation and operational adoption, impacting your time-to-value and ROI.